The Girl Who Left For London


This is the first post on this very new, very empty-looking blog. At this point in time, no one actually knows about this blog’s existence because I haven’t told anyone about it yet, but by the the time my friends and family read this I will be on a plane heading for London, to start five months of looking for inspiration, which is what I like to call my gap year.

So, just to catch you all up, this is where I am going to be writing about all of my adventures in England for the next five months. I decided that I wanted one place where  I could share all of my experiences without having to write all of them individually over and over again, to several people. Basically, I’m just pretty lazy and I don’t want to repeat myself. So this is what I decided on (Also I’ve been wanting to write a blog for years, and this is the perfect excuse).

Depending on my access to computers and the internet and my phone, I’ll be updating as much as possible and posting pictures and everything on this site. I know that this kind of sucks as a first post, and I’m sure that I will heavily regret this post in a few weeks when people keep reading it and I notice all the spelling mistakes that I didn’t when I first wrote it. This is actually sort of just a front page, just something that everyone can read before I post anything of any interest. So while I’m spending 12 hours on a plane, you can read this and realise how long I’ve been planning this blog (months) and how much effort I put into that header (a bit) and wait to hear what happens when I land back in my home country, in my England. I hope you enjoy my accounts of my travels.

So here I go, the Girl Who Left For London – with a bank account full of Rands, a extremely bad exchange rate and a case of, probably too many, dreams.

The Girl




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