The Last Few Days

So, the last few days have come and gone, and I’m actually leaving South Africa until December. It didn’t really seem real to me until the Friday before I left, when I came home and realised that half of my room still wasn’t packed up, I hadn’t sent in my university application and I had no idea what I was going to pack. Although, this tends to be the pattern that my life goes by, and I’m quite used to leaving everything until the last minute, so true to form I just pushed it all to the back of my mind and made some hot chocolate and probably watched Frozen again or something.

My last fews days in SA were good ones though, and despite the mad rush to get my passport, a cash card, some Pounds for when I arrived and actually working out how to print my e-ticket I did find the time to do some amazing things with the people who mattered.

IMG_2181 Quality time with my favourite one, and ice cream!IMG_2190

I spent some time in Stellenbosch…

  IMG_2216 IMG_2228

And then on Friday I went with the family to Cape Town, went to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to have a walk along the new “Boomslang” Tree Canopy Walkway, because it was such an unexpectedly beautiful day. I wish there were more of these walkways throughout the gardens because, despite being extremely wobbly and my dad terrorising small children by making it sway dangerously, it had the most amazing views across the whole of Kirstenbosch.



IMG_2374IMG_2382IMG_2386    IMG_2377



Then for lunch at Gourmet Boerie Cape Town



It had the most beautiful, South African decor, and a great mix and match menu based, unsurprisingly, on boerewors. The waiter recommend “The Hangover”, because I am so ridiculously indecisive, and it was amazing, so amazing in fact that I forgot to photograph it until I was done!


And lastly we went around the Waterfront to look for some South African things to bring to the UK and I ended up finding Bubble Tea, which I’d never had before.



The last few days were a mess of packing, employing my little brother to help me pack, find all the paperwork I needed, my goodbye drinks, a last barbecue with the family and then going to the airport to start the next five months of my life. I’m sorry for this long, picture dominated post but soon I’ll update you on what’s been happening since I arrived in England. My stomach is full of butterflies, and I can’t wait to start letting them go.


All photos taken by myself

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  1. Vickie Smith says:

    London is hot hot hot and we’re looking forward to welcoming you… Travel safe and don’t forget to reach out if you need a glass of wine 😉


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