Day 2: I’m Already Broke

…Or Pictures of The First Few Days.

(Mum and Dad, I’m just kidding about being broke, it was an inside joke)



My heart is always in Africa…



What greeted me in the UK!IMG_2474


And leaving Terminal 5

IMG_2482    IMG_2483IMG_2484

Taking little cousin Ben (who has grown so much since I last saw him) up the farm road I used to walk down as a kid. Traditional British countryside..


Wild Blackberries and Buttercups, and holding them under peoples chin to see if they liked butter or not!


And “helicopter trees” or sycamores, as adult people call them.

All I could handle after running around with Ben, who has energy that does not expire, at all, was eating some dinner (scotch eggs mum!) and going to bed, because due to my lovely plane ride, I didn’t get much any sleep. The sky was still light when I went to bed, even though it was pretty late and didn’t start getting dark until  ridiculously later at night, which, when paired with the sky getting light from 4am, messed up my body clock quite a bit.

I should, I suppose, add something that relates to the title, which was just an inside joke with a friend. I got an extremely bad exchange rate of R18.85 to the pound, so my bank account hurts after converting some money and what with the low low low prices at Primark I might just be broke, though hopefully not until day 22! At least.


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