I’m Not Crazy, I Promise

Another very picture-filled post, just showing my first full day in the UK. My mission was to pick up a UK sim card for my phone and set up a bank account, and to get tea, because that is of course the most important thing of all.

Breakfast from this amazing old-timey vinatge Kellogs tin!



And in the garden no less! because of this beautiful summer morning..


IMG_2500  IMG_2499

We had to make the most of it, because as this newspaper warned, temperatures could soar to 28 degrees! And then we might all burst into flames and die, unless we were to shut all the windows, check on our old people and hide.


Then there was quite a fiasco with my plan to get a British Sim card, because I had stupidly presumed that I could just buy any old sim card and load some airtime onto it. Unfortunately, this appears to be a primitive system from the thrid world country I come from, because here even a pay-as-you-go sim card means buying bundles of texts, data and minutes. First, I tried asking the customer service counter at Morrisons, but after the woman there confidantly told me that they didn’t sell sim cards at the shop, despite me having just picked one up from by the tills, about a metre from where she was standing, I gave up. We asked at a phone shop and the helpful man, after googling the answers on his iPad, gave me a slightly less understandable answer than the labels on the sim card starter packs and I just got an Orange sim card and tried to work it our for myself. I’ve since worked out what to do, I think. After that disaster, we did what all British people do when something stressful/happy/disasterous/amazing occurs, and got a cuppa tea.


We went to the Pinner Memorial Park, where I used to go as a child and where there’s now a little cafe set up.

IMG_2528  IMG_2525IMG_2524

  IMG_2529   IMG_2530


The tea that I had was from Tea Pigs and had some amazing flavours in tiny fabric tea bags, but I got my normal green tea and grabbed a pesto and red pepper panini, which was so good especially when I had a view of the park and some school children in uniform almost exactly like the one I used to wear. The people were quite interesting to watch, and I did laugh to myself quite a lot about the vampire-like paleness of everyone at the park. The park is also the location of my idiot moment of the day, when I looked at a group of teenagers walking around in shorts and tiny strappy t-shirts and commented, “What do they think this is, the middle of summer?!”

Which, of course, it is.


We took a walk up to a shop called Lidl, which sells literally everything that you can think of, to buy me some tea to drink at home. I then happened to come across a few things…


IMG_2553  IMG_2555

IMG_2556  IMG_2559

…which I definitly did not take photos of. I also did not run around the store squealing about how they stocked custard creams and Ribena, because that would make me very strange, and people would stare at me and wonder why this perculiar girl was taking photographs of baked beans.

So my mission was partly successful, as I did get a sim card, and booked an appointment to get a bank account, and did come home with tea…and Muller corner yoghurt, and kinder joy chocolate. And I managed to sit in the sun, which is more than I was doing in South Africa last week, so MISSION ACCOMPLISHED, in my opinion anyway.


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  1. dicklespot says:

    This post made me giggle. I look forward to more adventures!


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