The Start of “Grover”s Adventures

On the Sunday before I left, and all the family was over to say goodbye, my aunt gave me something that she had taken around the world with her when she had been travelling. This is what, or should I say who, it was:


The idea was that I could continue his adventure. I did forget to take him with on the first week’s adventures, but in the next few months I’m sure he’ll enjoy a lot more. We all argued about what his name was, but looking through pictures of the muppets I think he is supposed to be Grover. And it’s quite a fitting name. I decided that Grover deserved his own page, and I’ll give you weekly updates on Grover’s Adventures.


Grabbing a picnic lunch with us at Aldernham Country Park today.


Visiting the pigs, which you could feed.


Unimpressed with the smell of the mother pig half buried in mud (Cousin Ben thoguht it was literally the funniest thing ever)


Feeding the ducks at the pond


Catching up on some sun on the picnic basket.


Stay tuned for more adventures!


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