I have several posts queued up to be released, but for one problem – the computer I’m using. I’m hoping this one will post, and to try and make sure that it does I’m keeping it as simple as possible.

You see, many many years ago a witch cursed our family to never be able to make contact with technology without it blowing up in our face. Computers, phones, cameras, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, cars, electric mixers, phone chargers and most of all internet modems are just a few of the things that we cannot use without expecting them to break, or not work at all. My current phone was my mum’s, who dropped it by accident in the pool 6 months ago. It now mysteriously works. Well, I say works, but the wifi refuses to work and the whole mess up with the Orange telephone services say otherwise. My camera is currently held together with red electrical tape and it only works when it feels like it, otherwise beeping incessantly and repeatedly telling me that there is a lense error, that we got fixed before but seems to keep coming back. My laptop is non-existant, and our computer back home had a mind of its own and if you can get the internet to work on it for more than five minutes that you can keep it because  you deserve a knighthood, much less a computer.

The computer here isn’t really the problem, it may be old but it works, slowly and steadily. The problem here is the broadband. The internet is so freaking slow that the computer crashes and freezes every two seconds and I have to bring up Task Manager and forceably quit everything. But then, even getting Task Manager to open can take 20 minutes.

Apologies for the ranting post, but at least now you have an explination for the long gap between any interesting posts. They are coming, it might just take a while. And a new computer.


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  1. Smithf13 says:

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  2. Johnf442 says:

    Great blog! I am loving it!! Will come back again. I am taking your feeds also fegeafadgfkd


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