Inside the Mind of a 4 Year Old

It has been really interesting for me to spend time with Ben, my little cousin, because he is such an interesting little person. When I saw him last he couldn’t speak yet, and now he doesn’t shut up. He talks all the time in his funny British accent and has the most incredible imagination, which is really something special to find, when so many kids are glued to their tablet screens from the age of 2. Ben however is capable of spinning such elaborate tales and adventures that we all have to take part in, and I’ve been enjoying getting to spend a little bit of time in his world.


My bedroom floor became a farm, with a connected (not pictured) airport, with a luggage carosole of pigs and sheep.



We were all presented with these sand cupcakes, baked for hours in his plastic kitchen oven and decorated with flowers and all sortd of things from the garden. These were also bestowed onto us alongside sand “milkshakes” in flavours varying from fish to sweetcorn and avacado. As you do.

 IMG_2857 IMG_2855

We also built these, which were, as and when it became necessary, towers, squid and transformers.

The power of his imagination I saw in full strength on Tuesday morning when he came over to the house. I was eating breakfast when he ran in and told me that there was a T-Rex (he’s obsessed with dinosaurs, amongst other things) in the lounge and that we had to be quiet or it would eat us. I asked him why the T-Rex wasn’t attacking us now and I was told that he was asleep on the sofa (I mean, of course why didn’t I think of that). I was then dragged away from the table to the lounge where we had to tiptoe around the gigantic sleeping T-Rex and hide underneath the dining room table space ship to escape him. The T-Rex then awoke and stomped around our space ship with his massive claws and Ben followed his feet around the table, hugging a toy parrot to his chest. It was quite incredible how real it was for him. I found that, despite the fact that I do not fit under that table anymore, and I had to crick my neck to one side for twenty minutes it was more that worth it.


 We headed to the park with Ben as well, after escaping the T-Rex while he was in the shower (which Ben thought was the funniest thing that had ever happened to him) and went to see the farm animals.


 Feeding the bunny rabbits…



The cow’s were noisy and licked our hands (apologies for the blurry action photos)



Food for all the animals


The cows again



This sign was very funny, until we told him that it meant that we couldn’t feed him lunch.



 The playground did something to burn off a little bit of that endless energy. Just kidding, nothing on this earth can do that.


The pigs that smelt of all sorts of things unsavoury, and the big mama pig that was quite content to bake herself into the mud.


Watched the calves being fed, one of whom was called Ben! This was of course, the best thing ever.


IMG_2850 IMG_2845 

Then we fed the ducks on leftover bread and caused a frenzy of birds and geese who stormed us for the crusts. Ben was completely unafraid and just ran at the birds and pointed out the big mother swan laughing, despite the fact it was hissing and everyone and everything. We spotted a heron on the banks of the lake and he turned to me very seriously and said, “Did you know, herons – they eat fish!” And then carried on with his mad rush around the lake. He eventually fell asleep on the car ride home, and the sudden silence seemed rather empty when void of a story about his toy parrot sailing along in his summer hat on the car seat. It’s nice to spend a little time in Ben’s world. Everything there seems to be a lot nicer than out here sometimes.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. vikki box says:

    Amazing telling Cesca……… thank you for sharing the wonders of our Ben’s world with the world!…look forward to hearing more of them. Xxx


  2. So cute. Kids see the world in such magical ways which we forget as adults – it’s great to spend time with them. I love the transformer block models.


  3. Oh, this is why I only ever wanted boy children! You’ve captured so perfectly all their imaginary worlds and battles. Well done. Looks like he gave you a wonderful day!


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