You have an advantage card? Yes, please.

I may already have Boots and Costa Coffee clubcards. But I’m not really complaining.

The other day (I’m getting quite backed up with posts here) we took a trip to get me some vitamins because of that awful fainting thing at Chenie’s Plant fair, which you can read about here and here. I did find some vitamins, Boots A to Z because it covers literally every single vitamin and mineral going. Then we discovered that the gigantic Next next door to Boots not only had a massive sale, but also had a brand new Costa Coffee upstairs. So, of course, the natural course of action was to investigate, for scientif discovery.

The Next sale was amazing and everything was at least 50% off and I found a jumper (I love being able to say “jumper” and not “jersey”) that I couldn’t really say no to. So that fell into my basket. Once I’d put it through the checkout without realising that it was there, it was too late to take it back so that was an awful shame.

Then, to continue our “research” we had to go to Costa, otherwise we would only have been doing half a job. I picked a Costa card and by registering online I already got 100 free points, which the website informs me is enough for a free double espresso. Win! We had ah-may-zing panini’s with goat’s cheese and beetroot chutney and, because it was too hot for coffee I had a green tea, lime and mint cooler, which was so good!

IMG_2869 IMG_2867 IMG_2866 IMG_2865 IMG_2870



So after wasting all of our free parking time by accident, we decided that we should probably go home before we found another store to get lost in. So, all in all, a pretty good accidental day.


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