H2O Paintbrush

This is quite a quick and random post, but I just sort of had to say something about how awesome this paintbrush is. This is not even a promo, I just really love this.

I’m busy trying to complete a portfolio to apply for a bursary for the university that I’m going to in Cape Town next year, CTCA but I didn’t pack any paints or much else art-wise into my suitcase because it was already packed up in boxes before I left. So I went to Hobbycraft (which I never say no to, I could live there) and found a basic watercolour palette and some paintbrushes so that I could get some variety in my portfolio. Then, out of nowhere, I found this.

IMG_2997  IMG_2992 

IMG_2996 IMG_2993

The actual brush was white, but I’ve already been using it. It is basically a brush that you can put water in, and use to gradually squeeze water from to make the paint as wet or dry as you wish. This makes it portable and in fact, so easy to paint with. It is like using a pencil. I am in love.


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