Chesham and Bicester

From Friday to Saturday (25th to 26th) of July, I took the train up to Chesham (thankfully a simple tube trip with no changing stations, because I am going to get lost if that happens) to talk business with a lovely lady who is giving me some amazing opportunities. Once business had been spoken of, we got to the good stuff: a drink (Or two or three…sorry receptionist at the NHS – Also, sorry to you for the overwhelming use of brackets in the last few lines).


This is what I wore that day, dress (Cotton On – same dress, different patten) and nailvarnish.


We had the most amazing combination of Old Luxter’s Wild Peach liqueur with bubbly. It was amazing, and I’m definitely going to have to look out for that again.   


I found technology!





Food preparation photoshoot.



“Crying Tiger” Thai Salad (“Crying” because of the amount of chilies in the dressing.) Also, Grover came too, as you can see.


The next morning we missioned to Bicester Village, aka where the rich people who have money to burn go to shop. It was crazy. Every designer name that you can think of has a shop there, and then some. I did find a Cath Kidston outlet shop…so I couldn’t really say no to that. Then we found Starbucks! I have only had Starbucks once before at Dubai airport on an art tour at about 3 in the morning, so my memory of it is sort of blurry. This, however, was the most welcome relief from the sun. Amazing. Bicester Village was a little crazy and hot and expensive, but it was so much fun to people watch and pretend that we could afford everything.



Jamie Oliver has a little test pop up kitchen there.


If it were possible to marry a shop, this would be my husband right now. Jack Wills does the cutest things, ever.


This was a super interesting shop, outside and inside. It’s a temporary collaboration shop with loads of British designers stuff like House of Holland and Claire Barrow (love her stuff!)




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  1. tairaxo says:

    That cute little village of shops is absolutely adorable. I probably wouldn’t much enjoy the shopping because I couldn’t afford anything, but I’d still enjoy the atmosphere. I’m your newest follower and would love for you to visit me at I look forward to your visit 🙂


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