Rain, Rain, Rain

The other day was wet and rainy, a sudden break from the heat. Just to update you, I’m still working on getting a bank account. It is proving to be the most impossible task that I have ever tried to undertake. I feel like every single one of the snooty/underqualified women at the bank doesn’t trust or like me. I want to say to them that honestly if you think I’m going to do something, it’s not like I have all that much money to do anything with. I’m just trying to give them buisness, but you’d think I was trying to sell them dishcloths for the expressions on their faces. Honestly.

Anyway, so the point is that the aim for the day was to try, again, to convince the bank that the hundreth thousandth billionth gazillioth piece of paper that I’d printed out would count as proof of address. Turns out, that surprise surprise, once again they need something else. So, after that we felt that we deserved a coffee or something.




(I do have a mission to try every different type of tea now)


There was a cute little shop next to the cafe and I found this gem on the shelf.



Amen, legends, Amen.


Then I headed to WH Smiths to get a map of London, so that I can actually plan journeys and adventures and things, because at the moment my concept of London is that the London Eye, Tate Modern, Tower of London and Hyde Park are all sort of grouped around Trafalgar Square. That’s how bad my sense of direction and concept of London is. So now I have a map.

Then, quite by chance I found the greatest deal ever. John Green books on “Buy one, get one for a pound”. Two John Green books for literally a fraction of the price that I would normally have to pay. I could dance (I basically did when I skipped to the counter to pay for them). Now I own all except one of his books. I could write an entire post about John Green because I love his writing so much. In fact, hold that thought and watch this space.



Then, in true English spirit the heavens opened and emptied their bathtubs over the city. It was a rainy ride home, but I had John Green to keep me company.

IMG_3032 IMG_3033


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  1. Vickie Smith says:

    You will get a bank account – this is all just a big test (mainly of your patience!!)….


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