July Favourites

Things that I’ve loved this month in July.



This notebook, which you might have seen in other posts. It currently organising my life.


The Oh So Heavenly Bye Bye Stress body wash smells so amazing, and it is so so so so good. I don’t usually rave about shower gel but it was just so good. Also, loving being in a country where Aussie Miracle doesn’t cost you a fortune this is the product pictured here.


My Cath Kidston bag I got the other day in Bicester Village, on sale!


This Shea Butter trio, with waterless hand soap, hand cream and lipbalm. These saved me on the plane when my lips got so dry they cracked and when my hands smelt like the “cajun” chicken.


Buying Wallpaper for what felt like a lot less than what you pay in South Africa. Also, not having to wait a few months for a new issue.


My Oyster Card, possibly the greatest invention for London ever.


This nailvarnish from Primark, you might have seen it in some other posts as well.


This portable charger, which I feel should be a necessity in the luggage of every single person to travel, ever. You can charge it in a computer or from a wall socket (USB) and then charge your phone/i-phone/mp3 or whatever floats your boat. And there’s a ton of different adapters to fit everything. Since I still suffer through with a CrapBerry this gets used a lot.


And lastly, cellotape. As you can see in this great camera selfie, my camera (used to take all my photos) is literally held together with the stuff, so it definitely has to feature here.

And those are some of my favourite things that I’ve used/found/loved this month!



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