Loombands, And What the Heck Are They?

So, back in SA I saw a bunch of ads on TV for these Loombands. I stupidly presumed that they were just one of those weird children’s toy crazes that die out. It turns out that here it is weirder to not have a bracelet made of these rubber bands aroudn your wrist. In fact, thanks to the metro I read on the tube the other day, even Kate Middleton is wearing them. Yes, I do mean Kate, as in Duchess of Cambridge Kate.


One of the newspapers my grandparents buy advertised a free pack of Loombands for every reader, if you presented a coupon at Hobbycraft. Since we were going to Hobbycraft anyway, see here, I thought I might as well grab a pack. After a few minutes when we got home I’d managed to make this (these are all the colours in the pack I got):

IMG_2999 IMG_3000 IMG_2998

It does look pretty cool, but I still kind of don’t really get the whole point, or why it’s such a craze. I guess it’s sort of like Scoubidous (Wikipedia definition) when I was in Grade Five. But they didn’t have the Royal Family’s seal of approval.


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  1. vikki box says:

    Awwww ces’ didnt know you knew about these……ive been making them for the past month with Ben!!!!if you work out how to make the one thats about an inch wide can you teach me please? ;0) xxx


  2. Pretty! This has been a relly wonderfful article. Many thanks for supplying these details.


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