Someone I knew died today.

I wasn’t planning on writing a post today, but sometimes there are things are need to be said. I think that “loss” is a good word to describe someone passing away, because almost immediately after you hear the news you start to feel the loss of that person, no matter how much or how little an impact they had in your life. I have never had someone that I knew, around my age, die before today and I wish that I could still be saying that in several years time, because no one should die so young, with so much more ahead of them. I don’t really know what my intentions were when I started to write this post, but I felt that it was something that I needed to write.

I will not pretend to have been best friends with this person, or even to known them extremely well. They were just someone who I knew, and who I saw sometimes. They were to me the sort of person I knew I would always get a hug from, or at least a “hi” if I walked past them, and sometimes that is all you need from someone to know that they were a friend.

I cannot imagine the pain that my friends who knew him for a lot longer than I did, and a lot more than I did, must be feeling right now, and I cannot begin to imagine what the next few days and weeks will feel like. I have felt loss, but not like they will.


So many people, myself included, will miss you but we will always remember you, and I hope that you’re happy wherever you are.


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