Happy Birthday You Idiot

I thought I’d be really sappy and do a little post for my sister’s birthday today, which means that I’m going to have to keep this tradition up, which kind of sucks because almost our entire family was born in August, but there you go.

So, happy birthday little sister!

(shamlessly stolen from my sister’s Facebook)

I just wanted to say that even though we fight, like literally all the time, you’re a pretty cool sister and the picture that you gave me at the airport made me cry like a baby when I opened it on the plane, so thanks for that you idiot.

I hope that you have an awesome day, I still can’t believe that you’re seventeen! I remember turning seventeen and that feels like a few months ag0 and I can’t believe that it’s your turn. I mean, seventeen is, to be honest, a kind of rubbish age to turn because literally the only thing you can achieve now (in South Africa) is your learner’s licence, and no one wants to see you driving (even less than they want to be driven by me, so that’s a lot). You’re one year away from being an adult, from being legal and driving and leaving for university. That’s really scary, but I can’t wait for you to experience everything. I hope that this year isn’t too awful for you, and I hope that you don’t stress too much over your exams (even though I know you will).

Having a little sister is always difficult because despite the fact that, unless you are actually superhuman and get along with them, you’re going to argue all the time; you have to deal with being secretly protective about her. If some idiotic friend is being a right biatch then you have to hate them and glare at them in the corridors, and if a boy shows his face you have to make sure that he knows that he better not even think about hurting her because I will find him and kill him.

So, the point of all this is that I hope that one day the laughs will outweigh the disagreements, and I hope that we can really have a lot of fun. Lots of love xXx



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