My Ongoing Hate/Hate Relationship With Public Transport

So you would think that after my experience with Waterloo Station I would have learnt that I should never feel like I know what I’m doing where public transport is concerned. Hahaha….

Unfortunately not. 

On Monday I had to travel up to Chesham again, and I looked on the Transport for London website and used the journey planner (invention of an actual life saver – most of the time) and saw that all I had to do was, as I had thought, take a Chesham train from Pinner Station and go to, funnily enough, Chesham. What actually happened was that in the time between me checking on the website and going to the station that afternoon, they had decided to change the trains so that none actually were going directly to Chesham that evening. Not one. But I did not know this yet. 

At the station I checked the times on the board again, and just as I had thought there was a train for Chesham coming in at 18:44. I got there a little early and waited, but first an Amersham (close to Chesham but the wrong train) train came in, then a Watford Train. Here I should explain that I tried to find you all a nice picture of the Metropolitan Line to give you who don’t know the Tube stations a reference point, but they all came up very grainy when I tried to put them straight into a post. If you follow this link it goes to a very nice picture, with a helpful arrow to show you where Pinner is (thanks Internet). 

I thought it was a bit weird that there wasn’t a Chesham train, but I kept looking and waiting and checking the timetable. The lady working at the station asked me several times if I was okay, since I’d been waiting half an hour for the next Chesham train, which didn’t come either. It took me 45 minutes and what felt like a hundred trains for me to get my phone working enough for me to load the TFL website. Suddenly, on the journey planner there was a new set of information bubbles informing me that no trains were going to Chesham and that I had to take a Watford or Amersham train to Moor Park and then change or something. I would like to point out that I didn’t think of changing before because I was always told never ever ever to get on an Amersham or Watford train, but to wait specifically for the Chesham one. 

Basically, I could have gotten on the first train that had pulled in the station. 

Go me!

So eventually, with almost leaving my bag on the platform because of getting a phone call as the train pulled up, and then there being about one train every four years leaving Moor Park, I made it to Chesham (Well, actually Amersham, but I got picked up there and take to Chesham). 

So what a lovely half an hour journey that was, two hours later. 














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