Glamourous Work Day

Tuesday and Wednesday were super glamourous days at work, which were, sadly, not quite the same as the work day spent around London, which you can read more about here.

This is the other side of the job. Going right back to the store room where all the boxes of wine are stacked in unstable piles. Our mission for Tuesday and Wednesday (if we shoulc choose to accept it) was to organise the boxes and events kits. Tuesday I spent much of on the floor, with bottles of wine and fluorescent yellow lables stretching out in every direction. The storage company decided that the speaker from which they play the most irritating elevator music ever should be right outside the room I was working in and so that definitely did not grind on my nerves all day (Takes a deep breath and smiles).

I sorted out the wines by brand and wrote up a stocklist, and then labelled all of the boxes with what wines were inside. It was one of those painstakingly long jobs, but it needed to be done and now the store room looks almost unrecognisable. By the way, our super glamourous store room office has a Nespresso machine, so basically I was sold on this job from day one.

In amongst all the wine, we found some bottles where the vintage is same year that I was born…



Please excuse my tired face, I had to get up at 6, which I am so so so not used to. Not at all.



And this one, the oldest in the store, is from 1956…


And it’s been through a Penfolds re-corking clinic and classified as still good to drink. I was so terrified of dropping this one…because it’s not like I’m known for my grace and poise.

When we went back to the office on Wednesday they had amazingly decided to continue with their quest to play the most get-under-your-skin-annoying music over the speakers today as well. We spent the day sorting out the event’s kits, where all the things needed for running events are kept. and that was also interesting to see the vast amounts of things that are needed to run an event. Overall, it was actually quite interesting in general to get to know all of the brands, the labels and the amount of coffee one person can drink in 48 hours.



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