Duck Pond Market | Pinner

9th of August – Pinner

The Duck Pond Artisan Food and Craft Markets have been running in the area for a while now, and my first experience was at the little one in Pinner this Saturday. It is a market better described in pictures than in words, because nothing but a trip there will give you a sense of the community atmosphere and the smell of all the amazing food on offer. There was a beautiful variety of stalls and it all took place amongst the trees of the Bridge Street Gardens. The stalls and trees were linked with bunting and though you are never more than a few metres from the street, it feels like you could get lost in the stalls filled with everything from fudge and cakes to handmade clothes and cookies.

IMG_3116 IMG_3107 



Then, if you know what’s good for you you should be heading towards the stalled that houses the Little Lemon Bakery  (cutest website ever). I loved their stall before I even tasted what they had on offer, and after I had I loved it (if possible) even more. At the market they had a selection of their fudge, which ranged from salted caramel to apple and raspberry. I thought that it ended there, but when I looked on their website they do everything from cakes to cupcakes to cookies and dog treats. And they have a cute little blog as well. You can find them on Twitter at @lemonbakery  , Facebook , Pintrest and Instagram. And, they have the cutest dog called George who was at the market too!



They were people after my own heart, and though I wanted to buy up the entire stall, I did reign myself in and get a bag of their lemon fudge. I’d never heard of lemon fudge before, and they told me it was the first one that they’d made. Very good starting point I think, and seriously Little Lemon’s if I see you again at a market I will be straight over to your stall!


I was also tempted into some cake from Miriams Munchies and came back with a slice of rose cake and one of lavender, just because they looked so nice. I am a marketer’s dream when it comes to packaging and presentation because I am always tempted into buying that which looks lovely. I probably shouldn’t be advertising that, but I’ll admit it nonetheless.





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