Oh, Look, More Tea


Sorry for the rubbish quality of these photos, I think my camera is losing it even more. I ran out of my Knightsbridge Green Tea so I had to get some more anyway, and I remembered how much I love the Clipper fruit teas (see here) so I bought these. And they were incredibly good value as well – score!


Again with the awful photo quality…Urgh. These are from Holland and Barrett, which I saw had a sale when I went up to Harrow to get some shoes. I had never been in there before, but they had a penny sale on. Let me explain: you buy one item for whatever the normal price is, and then you can buy another one for a penny. A penny. That’s 18c in South Africa. And then, they had tea in the sale, and there is no way that I’m turning down tea for a penny. So I got these from Heath and Heather! The Camomile and Spearmint one is supposed to “calm and relax naturally” so I have that in the evening before I go to bed, and I was actually quite surprised with the Raspberry Leaf one. I read it in the shop as just a raspberry tea, but then I read the packet and it actually has the raspberry leaves, raspberry, hibiscus, rosehip and apple. It kind of sounds like something out of a fairy story, but it tastes so good! And it cost literally nothing! On the other hand I might need a whole extra cupboard for my tea soon.

I also might have gotten a Holland and Barrett card as well. Oops. No regrets!


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