Reading Festival 2014 |Part Three

21st – 24th August 2014

Sunday – The last day! I always hate the last day of things, because they always seem so far away until they creep up on you and find yourself right in the middle of it. Every minute that ticks by feels wasted unless you’re doing something. Walking home for a quick shower felt like cheating, like wasting, like chucking away the food but keeping the packaging. I attempted some sort of metaphor there, but I’m not too sure if it worked. Sunday I was determined t0 be a part of it in every way that I could. I wanted to be there for everything. I didn’t want to miss anything, even though in a venue that big it is impossible not to. Warning – this is the day I become a ridiculous fan girl, so you expect lots of gushing words.




Clean Bandit –


This was probably the only band that I went to see that I was actually really disappointed by. I was quite excited to see them, and it was a case I thinkl, partly, that I didn’t know any of their songs except for Rather Be and I think maybe one other, but also that they really just didn’t have any personality. As you’ve probably come to understand I’m a big believer in stage presence and performance, because otherwise I could just listen to the CD, and some bands just naturally have that spark that makes you excited to see them again. Unfortunately Clean Bandit just don’t. They’re great to listen to, but not in a crowd at a Festival when it’s too hot to breathe, which you don’t notice if you’re having a good time, but unfortunately it was too much and we all left the tent and sat outside on the grass and watched them on the screens. Average.

After that I was pretty much at the main stage all day.

Sleeping With Sirens –


Stage presence is the word, and stage presence is what I finally got. Sleeping With Sirens has always been kind of a love of mine, and they so did not disappoint. I didn’t get involved with the crowd because it was just way too hot to begin with and I needed a break from crowds. They were freaking awesome, and I happened to be standing next to a slightly older couple who were so into it, he was fist pumping like a school kid and that just made it just that little bit more awesome. Highlight: Do It Now Remember Later, the first song that I ever heard of theirs and to hear it live was pretty cool.


Okay, cue literally the blurriest and worst quality picture in quite possibly the history of photography. But, first just let me explain. This is probably the lamest thing ever, but this is my space so I’ll write what I like. Basically, on the main stage in between performances they show people’s tweets on the big screens and I’d been tweeting all morning about Festival without even thinking about it and then suddenly I’m reading what other people have written and there’s my tweet, on the main stage. I was like a little child – but I wasn’t with anyone at that point so I couldn’t even point it out to people unless I wanted to start telling random people. I felt so cool (I am just so wayyy too cool right now lol omg). Anyway, if you’re interested it’s the on the far right in the middle. Go me! This was the tweet they used.





A Day To Remember –


Remember what I was saying about stage presence? Yeah, so if you need another definition you could google ‘A Day To Remember’ because seriously, what a set! I’ve always loved ADTR, I think for about, forever and they were pretty great. It was a great head banging, mosh pit of crazy screaming people and it was awesome. The highlight for me, for sure was that one of their songs they were filming for a music video and for part of it Jeremy (lead vocals) climbed into a Zorb Ball (you know, those massive clear plastic balls that people can run around in like hamsters?) and literally walked accross the crowd. It was just so unbelievably cool, but you could visibly see the security guys sweating and fighting off heart attacks, seriously it was so funny. They were brilliant – just such a classic act to see at a festival. Amazing.

IMG-20140824-00084 IMG-20140824-00085


 The Wonder Years –

I was so disappointed by The Wonder Years, and I’m still not sure why. I don’t know if I’ve maybe only heard their old stuff, or if they’ve got a new album that I don’t know, because I didn’t know any of the songs being played and I’m 99.9% sure that I know their music. They also had a kind of rubbish tent to be honest so I wasn’t really enjoying it much, which was disppointing. I’d like to give them another chance, but then again I had only given them a tiny place on my timetable because they overlapped with You Me At Six and unluckily for The Wonder Years, YMAS win in my book.

You Me At Six –


Oh my god, but You Me At Six were awesome! I won’t try and pass myself off as a superfan of theirs, I’ve just always been a medium fan. I won’t say no to some YMAS, you know, but now I’ll start deliberately putting them repeat. They were just such a good show. Also, did you look at the picture about of Josh Franceschi (lead vocals) or are you not human? That is an extremely nice face to look at. Extremely. So the fact that their pretty gorgeous counts kind of heavily in their favour. Also, they brought out Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low (aka one of my favourite bands of all time) so that was, uhm, amazing! The worst part is that YMAS and All Time Low are doing a UK tour…in 2015, two months after I leave the UK. Thanks music gods, for nothing. They were great, and really awesome live performers – they ticked all the boxes and just made for such a great show.



Mayday Parade –

Okay, okay, time to remember how to breathe. When I saw that Mayday Parade were going to be at Festival I really couldn’t believe it. It was one of those moments where I kept googling the lineup to make sure that I hadn’t made it up or dreamt it or something. They were on the tiny little Festival Republic stage, at the same time as the 1975 (ughh….wanted to see them too!) and Macklemore (wasn’t too bothered about that one) and yet, they are possibly my favourite band. I got to the tent really early and pushed through the crowd until I was, after they started, literally two people away from the stage. I was so excited, you can’t even begin to imagine. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. When they walked out on stage I couldn’t help screaming  – and I’m not a screamer when it’s just me by myself, but I screamed. They played all of my favourite songs, bar one, and I have never been happier in a crowd of gross sweaty people. It was such an amazing, surreal, incredible experience – I still can’t believe it really.


I was so close!


Literally have never been happier.


Blink 182 –


Blink 182 – what a way to finish off the Festival. They are just the undisputed kings of the festival. I always love to listen to them because all of my favourite bands list them as their inspiration for their music and style, which I think is why I always think of Blink as being on some sort of other level to other bands. And, I know how ridiculously cheesy it is to say this, but they literally were on another level. It was insane! Travis (drummer) is actually beyond incredible. I’m not a drummer, nor have I ever been interested in drumming or have any knowledge whatsoever about drumming but even I can say that he is not just a drummer, drumming is him (that sounded way less cliche in my head, but you know). There isn’t another way to say it, so sorry parents, but he is just sort of fucking incredible. Blink 182 were awesome, and to hear the crowd go crazy when they did Small Things and Miss You was ridiculous. They had fire, and lights and smoke and flaming displays and flickering psychedelic images on the big screens and the wait for their encore was endless, but again no one moved an inch and they came back stronger than before and they gave 110%. It was the best way to end the Festival. Legends.






Afterwards, we went to the Silent Disco in the Alternative Stage again, but the majority of people weren’t fans of the music (I was, it sucked to leave), so we made our way back to the campsite with the intention to try the Orange one again. It became clear after a while that most people didn’t want to go afterall, and I really wanted to make the most of it. Thankfully someone else did as well, so the two of us went to Orange and queued again. Thankfully, the queues were decent that night and in the queue we met a bunch of pretty awesome people who we ended up spending the whole of the Silent Disco with, which was awesome.

I always think that those are the best nights – meeting new people, with awesome music and a great place to dance. Not leaving until the arena is closed and they actually force you to leave and wandering around the campsite until the sun rises, and then it’s blocked out by rain pouring down and turning the campsites into marsh. And it’s the one night that you chose not to wear wellies so your feet are soaked and you’re freezing cold and loosing your voice but you don’t want to pack up your tent because, despite the rain, you don’t want to leave. Because there’s something about the dirt and the rubbish and the grime and the sweaty crowds and the smell of chips and constant ringing in your ears that feels like home.


And that’s the Festival, singing in your veins.


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