Living Out Of Cases, Packing Up and Taking Off

Yes, I did quote a One Direction song in the title, and I have no shame so hate on haters.

It feels like I just got back to my grandparents house, and now I’m leaving again. My dad is in London for a week on business and I’m going to stay with him for the week, and then we’re going to Dijon for a few days. That’s also for work, I don’t just jet off to France every other day. I’m so excited to see him, because even though almost two months doesn’t seem like too long – it really is. I think that even though technology brings us closer together because I can just call or text or email my mum and dad, but that doesn’t replace what it’s like to see them in person. I wish I was seeing the rest of my family, but you can’t have everything!

Hopefully I’ll have some exciting stories or photographs now that I’m in London, so stay tuned for that. I also have a couple of posts lined up for you – another day in London and some art museums, a pink London bus and graffiti coming up, so come back for more later in the week.


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