Grey Skies and Graffiti

5th September – Friday

Another train, another trip up to London. I went up to London again last Friday, even though the skies were grey and uninspiring. I took the Tube to Blackfriars Station and walked across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern. I’m still a bit ill from Reading Festival (I know, it’s kind of crazy) and though it’s gotten better, I get sudden and really explosive coughing fits. And when I say explosive, I mean eyes-streaming-obnoxiously-loud-coughs that last for ten minutes straight explosive. So you know, I end up being a ticking time bomb and I possibly should have thought about that before planning a day in art galleries – as in many quiet, yet echoey rooms full of smart judgmental people. So yeah, getting a coughing fit in the middle of an exhibition at the Tate Modern was not on my gap year to-do list, but it happened anyway.

The Tate had some great free exhibitions on, Structure and Clarity, Energy and Process and Poetry and Dream. They all have such a mixture of artists and artworks – you can see the list here. I really enjoyed the Tate Modern, I’ve been once before and I loved it then and I loved it this time.

After that it was pretty late in the afternoon and I hadn’t had lunch so I was starving, so I went on a search for a Pret A Manger, because I was craving one of their falafel and halloumi hot wrap. My friend’s mum gave me that suggestion when I was in Reading and I literally love it so much. For some reason I couldn’t find a Pret, and if you’re in London in any given area you can see about 50 Pret’s in one day, so it was actually quite weird. The only thing that I could remember was seeing a Pret a Manger in Trafalgar Square, so that was my aim. I felt quite proud that I found my way without my map. So I got my wrap, and watched a million tourists taking selfies in front of the fountains.

I went to the National Portrait Gallery  next, and it was also somewhere that I’ve been to, but I only did the oldest portraits and a Lucien Freud exhibition so this time I started from the 1900’s and also did the modern contemporary portraits – with everyone from Kate Middleton to Judy Dench. Catherine Goodman had a small room display, and her portraits were beautiful. The BP Portrait Awards were at the gallery, so you could see all the entries and the winners portraits. It was a great exhibition.

I took a lot of photos that day, as usual, and I think this is another day that’s just better said with pictures, so in another muddle of pictures, here’s what else I did.


Blackfriars Station




263_2293 263_2297 263_2299

So close to St Paul’s !


Tate Modern


Millennium Bridge


Yes, it is the bridge from the Harry Potter movies, and yes, I did fan girl walking across it.

 263_2310 263_2315 263_2316 263_2328

Such an awesome boat.


Last time that I saw the OXO tower it was still in the process of becoming the creative hub that it is today, so it was so nice to take a quick peek.




263_2325 263_2334 263_2329     263_2341

Little book fair on the South Bank


Awesome bright pink London bus and frozen yoghurt shop. SNOG seems to be the Wakaberry of London with the same bright colours.


Such awesome offices, and buildings in old containers.

 263_2346 263_2347 263_2348 263_2349

Love the South Bank.


Loving the graffiti everywhere.


Part of a South Bank ‘Love’ celebration 263_2368 263_2369 263_2381



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