Chicken, Chinatown and Cocktails

So, as I said before (here) I’m staying with my dad in London for the week. More specifically we’re staying in a little apartment in Earl’s Court and it’s super close to the tube station so on the Sunday that we arrived at the apartment we went into London for the day. Here’s another picture filled post about our day.

263_2399 263_2404

Burlington Arcade – full of really cute, old fashioned shops.


Fortnum and Mason – which had every food that you could think of, and I just wanted everything.

 263_2408 263_2409

Their packaging was all really cute.

 263_2412 263_2415 263_2416 263_2421 263_2420

So much good chocolate and coffee.

 263_2422 263_2425 263_2427

Stopped at a Whole Foods Market which was really interesting – it’s an American chain that’s come to London, and it’s so interesting to look at all the different brands.


Aiming for Carnaby Street we went through Kingly Court and ended up stopping there for a drink, which became lunch…

 263_2429 263_2431 263_2433 263_2434

Whyte and Brown is where we stopped to eat. We both had a chicken skewer with tzatziki, flat bread and beetroot mayonnaise. Whatever seasoning was on the chicken was amazing, and it was such a good lunch. Amazing.

 263_2437 263_2441 263_2442 263_2443 263_2445 263_2447

I was quite a fan of Kingly Court, so there are quite a few pictures…

263_2449 263_2452 263_2453

Carnaby Street was quite an experience. I still get such a surprise when I see some shops, who’s brands I’ve only seen in adverts in magazines.

 263_2456 263_2459 263_2461

A tiny Shakespeare overlooking a pub with his name.

 263_2467 263_2468 263_2469 263_2476 263_2480 263_2482

Chinatown, London.

 263_2484 263_2485 263_2489

We watched a Chinese dragon show…


I had some Bubble Tea.

 263_2494 263_2495

Covent Garden…


There was a pretty cool band, who had so much energy and jumped around while playing their instruments. I felt bad for the girl with the cello!


M&M’s World was crazy! We just looked inside for a second and then left, because the crowds were just ridiculous. It did smell amazing – they pump through the scent of M&M’s into the store (making it smell like actual heaven) and the employees handed out free M&M’s to customers. That is what customer service is.

 263_2510 263_2506 263_2505

We saw this little place and decided to stop in for a Margaritas, which I’ve never had before. It turned out to be such a cute little place, with great décor and really nice snacks and drinks.

 263_2498 263_2501 263_2499 263_2500 263_2502

Pork Tacos, mmmmmm…


It turns out that I don’t like Margaritas … which was disappointing, because I was really hoping that I would, so I got a Mojito instead, and it was so good, a proper traditional one.


It was such a nice day, and it was so great to spend time with my dad after not seeing family for a month.




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