Emptying My Bag From London

7th -12th September

Radio Silence over, I’m back with a ton of posts about everything that has happened since I last updated.

I was in London with my dad for a week, and it was a busy one. I’ve already shared some of it, but I didn’t take too many pictures of most days because we were so busy and so there are only a few. There’s so much to talk about, and it was when I was emptying my handbag out from the week and I found a collection of things, that I thought that this might be a way to show what I did. Some other posts will follow about other days, but here’s a general overlook.


Clockwise from top left –

1. Theatre brochure from the Globe Theatre, when we were going to see if they had any performances on while we were in London.

2. Ticket from the V&A, which I went to on Tuesday. The V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) was a ten minute walk from the apartment so I took a walk up there to see what exhibitions they had on. The museum has such a variety of things in from Europe through the ages, to Arabic and Islamic artwork and Asian sculptures. When I was there they had an exhibiton by the photographer Horst, who took many photographs himself but also many for magazines such as Vogue. His photographs were incredible, the majority in black and white. I ended up staying in his exhibition for an hour and a half! He uses the contrast of light and dark to his advantage and took an incredible variety of photographs covering topics from fashion to surrealism.

3. Marvelous Wines business card from the Wines of the Beautiful South (more about that later).

4. Brochure from the Horst exhibtion.

5. Tickets from STOMP, the performance I saw on Monday night, more here.

6 + 7. Two postcard prints of Horst’s work from the exhibition.

8. A napkin from the Savoy Hotel London, which I was lucky enough to visit with my dad for a Wines of Stellenbosch event at the hotel on the Thursday night. It was super fancy, lots of really good little portions of food and wine from my home town. I felt pretty cool to be there, because of the amount of very smartly dressed people giving out an air of importance, even though pouring wine isn’t too much of a new pastime for me.

9. Map of the Tate Modern, which was still in my bag from the other day!

So that’s a few of the things that I did in the last week in London. Some of these things I’ll be going into a bit more detail with which you’ll see in the next few days!


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