National History Museum, Beautiful South and Pebbles

Wednesday 10th September




On Wednesday, in Earl’s Court, I took a walk up to the museums again. The V&A, Science Museum and the Natural History museum are all next to each other and I remember when I was little my dad, my sister and I used to take trips up to London to go to the Natural History and Science museums on the same day. I only have vague memories of those trips, mainly involving seeing an IMAX movie once, the giant blue whale and the earthquake room in the Science museum. Good memories. So after going to the V&A the day before (read more about that ), I couldn’t resist the Natural History Museum. When I got inside it turned out that the famous dinosaur exhibition centre was closed, very dissapointing. So, I took a long walk around the ‘being human’ exhibition, which was actually pretty cool, and also the mammal’s bit to see that blue whale I remembered. It still hangs there, taking up the whole ceiling of the room.

They also had a new bit in the Darwin area, where they’ve built the ‘cocoon’, which is basically a gigantic concrete bean which houses something like 6 floors of labs and research rooms for the scientists who work with new species and insects. Two floors are open to the public in a very interactive exhibition, with touch sensitive tables, microscopes and videos, as well as displays about the insects being researched. You also had great views of the labs where the scientists were working and you could watch them doing their sciencey stuff, just no flash photography.

I actually had such a great time being such a child on the touchscreen tables zooming in on weird fish and their skeletons until I felt like I really should probably let the little kid glaring at me have a go  remembered that I actually had to go because I was meeting my dad at Kensington Olympia in about 10 minutes, and I had no idea how to get there.

After searching train routes with the TFL website (Transport For London – literal lifesaver) journey planner I managed to get to where I had to be, I even got to go on the Overground, which I hadn’t been on before so that was fun. My dad was working at the Wines of the Beautiful South  which is a wine event for wines from South Africa, Chile and Argentina. I just got a quick look around and I saw a lot of people who I recognised from SA as well as so many beautiful wine labels from different countries, which was interesting. And of course, I got to taste some wine, because that is sort of the main point of it all after all.

The afterwards I had to opportunity to join my dad at the Pebbles Project party, celebrating their 10th birthday, but there’ll be more about that in another post later this week!



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