The Pebbles Project

10th September –




I told you before that I got the opportunity to go to a Pebbles Project party. I have a little place in my heart for Pebbles, because while working at Brampton Wine Studio  this year we got involved in raising money f0r Pebbles at the Stellenbosch Wine Festival, but then continued to raise money at the Studio. I loved raising the money and so when I was given the opportunity to go to something involving them, I immediately jumped at the chance. It was directly after the Wines of the Beautiful South show in Kensington, so we walked over to it after that (read more about that here).

Pebbles is a charity which raises money to help disadvantaged children in South Africa, particularly those who have been affected by alcohol, like those born with foetal alcohol syndrome. To quote them off of their website, they say that they “believe[s] that if a child, particularly one with special needs of any kind, is supported and given the necessary education at an early age, their future is so much brighter.” They work with wine farmers, and have several creche’s, after school clubs, help build or renovate creche’s and after school club buildings, a mobile library and a clinic and so much more. They really make a difference to so many children who don’t have access to these sort of facilities otherwise.

The party that I attended was a sort of awards ceremony to say thank you to those who donate and make it possible and to celebrate their 10th birthday, and how far they have come in that time. While there it was possible to sponsor a child and a school pack for when schools start next year. The school pack contains a school bag, uniform, shoes, socks and a stationary set – things that for many children is impossible to have without Pebbles help because of a lack of finance.

You can see more about the Pebbles Project and how to sponsor children, school packs or donate in some way on their website :

You can also contact them on Facebook – Pebbles Project  and Twitter @PebblesProject




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