Selfridges, Cupcake Milkshakes, Hamleys and Empty Trains

12th September

Another case of please forgive me for the fuzzy crap photos from my phone.

I had never been to Selfridges before. Now that I have, the previous statement makes me wonder what the hell I have been doing in London for the last two months (yes, it has been two whole months now!). I’ve seen people carrying the iconic yellow bag around, but I just thought that it was another shop that everyone seemed to like, and I sort of half looked out for it when I was walking around.

Investment pieces at Selfridges




Now that I’ve been, I have major bag envy towards anyone I see carrying one of those bags. For anyone who is as uneducated as I was, Selfridges is basically one gigantic store (speaking of their London flagship store) which contains almost every single luxury brand that you can think of, and then a whole floor of ones that you can’t. Fashion, shoes, accessories, homeware, toys, food, wine and much more – but all of extremeley high quality and pricetag. It is a little bit like Harrods, but without a much more refined pallette.


I walked around some of the store, because I don’t think anyone can do all of it without suffering from either depression or an empty bank account. The sheer amount of brands and the craziness of the displays on which the clothes were displayed amazed me. The effort that is put into the displays were just insane with weird and wonderful shelving, a giant Alexander McQueen stuffed rabbit and giant lego figures in the kids section, it blew me away.




It was lunch time so I headed to the foodcourt to get something to eat. That was a whole other experience in itself, with literally every food that you could think of. I loved looking at all the packaging, even though it sounds weird, it isn’t. The packaging here is so different to in South Africa, and since design is what I’m interested in, walking down an isle of food is interesting to me.

Then I saw a sign for Lola’s Cupcakes, which I’ve seen around London, so I wandered over because hello – cake. Then I saw the words that, though at the time I didn’t know it, would change my life: Cupcake Milkshakes. I may be making a bigger deal about this than I should but personally, this was one of the best experiences of my life. I chose the Red Velvet Cupcake milkshake (doesn’t that name just fill you with joy? Just me….?) and I thought that it was probably just going to be flavouring to make it taste red velvety, which I was okay with. But no. It got better. The guy behind the counter put some milk and icecream into the mixer, and then – wait for it – took an entire cupcake from the display and blended it together. I swear to god it is literally like drinking a cake (see, when I say literally here I mean in both figuratively as well as it’s literal meaning). It tasted amazing. There is also a law that when you have something like this you are not allowed think about the calories in it, because that will ruin the experience so let logic take a back seat and just drink up.

IMG-20140912-00157 IMG-20140912-00158 

After this I had to leave, because I was way too full and also tempted to buy too many things that I couldn’t really afford. Since, that evening I was going to my godfather’s house to see him, his wife and my two little godsiblings (I insist that this is a thing by the way, and that I have a little god brother and a god sister), we decided to go to Hamleys to get them a little something. I had never been to Hamleys either, so it was a great day of discovery. Hamleys is basically a little piece of heaven for kids. And when I say kids, that totally includes me, because I spent the entire time picking up things and wanting them all. They had Harry Potter wands for goodness sake, how can you resist?





We found some little things, but I also found my dream job – working at Hamleys. There are loads of people in their red Hamleys shirts who’s job is literally to demonstrate toys to kids. Most of them were having so much fun messing around with remote controlled helicopters and flying them through kids legs and around their heads. We met a guy on the top floor who had a great little air cannon which looks like a plastic dustbin, but when hit shoots a blast of air  which can reach out to 35ft. He was having the time of his life targeting people on the otherside of the store who never found out what was hitting them in the face. Brilliant.



It was a day for lego figures – I found the Queen! And Harry, William, Kate and so many others. That evening we spent with my godparents, and it was so good to see them again. I hadn’t seen my god brother for two years and I couldn’t believe how big he’s gotten. He is the cutest thing. We spent a lovely evening there, and then had to get the train back to Earl’s Court. It was quite late and the train was literally empty. I could walk the entire length of the carriage if I wanted to. It was such a good, but tiring day.



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