Dijon Part 1 | Route des Grands Crus, Owls and Pizza

14th September

  I had to cut down the number of pictures for this post by more than half, and there’s still a lot, so I’m sort of of sorry in advance – but not really because Dijon was so beautiful that I had to share it all.



263_2637 On the road to Dijon!

263_2635 263_2641 On the Route des Grands Crus, the road of the great wines, where all the best wine farms in the region of Burgundy lie.

263_2642 So many tiny little villages surrounded by miles of vineyards.

263_2647 Most of my photos are taken through the car window, so forgive any bits of the car sticking into them.

263_2648 263_2652 263_2655 It was harvest season so there were hundreds of people out in the fields picking grapes – a lot of people see it as a sort of pilgrimage to do this in this area…but as my dad said: why would you pick someone elses’ grapes when you could just drink them?

 263_2661  Beautiful old farm house that we found at the end of a very long farm road in the middle of nowhere. We took quite a off the beaten track route into Dijon to see as much as possible.

263_2670 263_2673 263_2675 263_2677 One of the quite famous little villages that produces amazing wine.

263_2683 263_2674 

And then we made it to Dijon! And we didn’t even get too lost coming into the city, which felt like quite an achievement believe me. Dijon isn’t just where that mustard comes from, it’s quite an important place in France hosting many of the country’s top fairs and international shows. It was also the home to the Duke of Burgundy for many years, and the palace still remains in the city today. It has a varied history, being under siege from the Swiss in 1513 and occupied by Nazi Germany in World War II – we actually went to a little show celebrating an anniversary of being liberated from this occupation. History lesson over, but you want to find out more here‘s a link.

263_2697 I love France, I do, I do.

263_2699 The owl is the mascot of Dijon and these little arrows lined the streets to show a path around Dijon going past all of the imporant buildings and cathedrals (there are a lot of cathedrals and churches and all that kind of thing – and they’re all so beautiful).

263_2702 263_2705 My dad’s face when he saw the view out of our hotel room window – rooftiles and pipes – haha.

263_2707 263_2708 263_2710

263_2714 This cathedral had so many gargoyles on the front, lined up in rows.

263_2721 263_2725 263_2729 263_2733

The palace in the Place de la Liberation



Got some drinks in a little square that we found. This is a Rose cider, which I’d never seen before but actually really enjoyed.

263_2739 My dad got this great little angled action shot of me eating my gaufre au caramel (waffle with caramel – see I’m learning the language…coughgoogletranslatecough)

263_2741 263_2744 We found another square and decided to get something eat, this was the restaurant that we chose, and had some pizza. I had an amazing salmon, creme fraise and onion pizza and it was so good, but I couldn’t finish it (and I mean we’re talking about pizza here…)!

263_2749 263_2751 263_2769


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