Dijon Part 2 | Churches, Flying Buttresses and Lunch

  15th September

This was one very long post but I decided to break it up again into two because it was way too long. So you have more to read about France now, and abotu five million more pictures to look through – lucky you! The next morning we took a walk to a cathedral that we had seen when walking back from the restaurant the night before (you might have seen the last picture in yesterday’s post – this is the same one). It was absolutely stunning, inside and out.

263_2771 263_2776 263_2777 263_2781 263_2778 263_2788 263_2794 263_2796 

It had such beautiful flying buttresses.


This is the little Roman church that stands in the cathedral’s shadow, which had it’s gothic spire added years after the rest of it was built. Unfortunately, it was closed so we didn’t get to look around.

263_2806 263_2809 263_2813 

The building on the right (above) and in the picture below contains a huge market that was, typically, closed both days we came across it. In the street that surrounds it are loads of great restaurants, one of which we stop in for lunch.

263_2814 263_2816        

That afternoon, seeing as my dad only had a work appointment much later, we decided that we needed to make the most of being in Dijon and the surrounding area. Since the day before we’d driven through most of the Burgandy wine country south of Dijon we decided to drive the other direction. The lady at the information shop gave us a map and recommended a few places to visit, so after lunch we got back into our little car and took a long drive – on which my really really bad navigation skills were tested (you’d think my dad would have learnt from Lyon), but that’s another story (aka tomorrow’s post).


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