Dijon Part 3 | Getting Lost, Alesia and Grill & Cow

15th September

Carrying on from yesterday’s post, we got into the car and headed out of Dijon for a little road trip. It turned out that just the drive itself was beautiful, we didn’t even need to go anywhere in particular. I took about 500 photo’s through the car window, and so little of them actually show any of the beauty of France. I’ve really cut down my selection, so for once there aren’t all 500 pictures in one post, there’s a lot, but not all. I loved driving through the countryside. In fact, I loved it so much that I often completely forgot that my job was to look at the map and actually stop us from getting ridiculously lost in the middle of nowhere in France. But, hey, it was an adventure!

263_2818 263_2825 263_2827

This beautiful town that we found in the middle of nowhere had an awesome big old abbey in the middle of it that dominated the whole town. So incredible.

263_2832 263_2840

Windmills were everywhere, spread out in the fields. I always think that they look really weird – I think it’s because they don’t have any other structures around them. They almost look like a giant came along a stuck a bunch of sticks in the ground. A bit eerie really.


We did actually make it to one of the places that the tourism office had recommended, which was the MuséoParc Alésia – the site of a Gaul/Roman battle. The building pictured is their information/interactive learning center and they also had a reconstruction of a Roman fort. We decided to continue on instead to the ruins of a Gallo-Roman town, which was the site of the last stand of the Gaulls against the Romans. It is also the town that Asterix and Obelix’s village was based on, so that was pretty cool. The remains are pretty varied foundations – from houses and streets to an amphitheatre, temples, the craftmans district, cellars with stairs intact and a bronzesmith’s furnaces. You can read more about it here, here and here.

263_2844 263_2846 263_2847

These little guys were all over the ruins.


This was a cellar, with storage jars still intact. I’m such a little ancient history nerd, so for me this was pretty awesome – it just seems so crazy that people once lived here.



Back in Dijon that evening, the sunset looked so gorgeous. Unfortunately my camera temporarily died on the trip back from Alesia so I don’t have any photos from the drive back, which sucks because we drove back a different route and saw some beautiful views. But then again, they’re all stored up in what my dad calls my internal memory card.


My dad had a meeting with some students doing a Wine Marketing course at a school in Dijon that evening, which I got to tag along to. It was actually really fun, and there were two South African girls who were really nice and we got along pretty well, so thankfully I wasn’t just standing around in a corner drinking wine.


We stopped for dinner much later at a place we’d seen earlier when we’d walked past it for lunch, called the Grill and Cow. The waiters were all super french and did the sort of I-don’t-know-the-word-in-your-language-so-I’ll-just-gesture-until-you-guess-what-I’m-trying-to-say-thing, when I asked inside for where the bathrooms were. The food was amazing, I had salmon with potatoes and an awesome dressing (not too sure what was in it, it was a weird french word, but it tasted amazing). We had some great local wine, and I had a creme brulee, so it was a pretty good evening.

263_2866 263_2867

Unfornately, we had to go back to our hotel pretty quickly because we were flying out the next morning and we still had to drive all the way back to Lyon to catch the plane, so I didn’t get to watch anymore CSI dubbed in french again (so funny).


Lastly, I just want to say thank you to my dad for letting me come with him to France (and to stay in London), because it was such an awesome experience for me, and also so so nice just to spend time with him. I loved exploring little french towns in the middle of nowhere, listening to our awesome french radio stations, eating good food and drinking great wine and getting lost a lot – so thank you, and I love you very much. I miss my family a lot at the moment, it’s quite difficult not to when they’re a 12 hour flight away, but it was unbelievably good to see my dad even just for a few days xx (And how cute is this little selfie from in the Savoy from the week before France?)


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