Emptying My Bag Out: France Edition


I found all of these littering the bottom of my handbag, and thought that I’d share some of the many cards from places we visited in France (clockwise from top left):

1. Le Dome – Restaurant we went to on our full day in Dijon for lunch. Pretty good – I had their mussles and frites, which were amazing.

2. Grill du Marche (Grill and Cow) – This was were we went on the last night for dinner, weirdly though the name on the business card is French, on the actual restaurant it was in English. You can see what I ate there, here.

3. Tickets to the ruins at Alesia – where we saw ruins of an ancient Gallo-Roman town, which was amazing. You can see more about that here.

4. Le Laurencin – The amazing local restaurant we visited in Lyon on the very first night in France, who did the most amazing food and local cuisine.

5. Le Bronx in Dijon – where we met the students studying Wine Marketing. Really cute little place actually, I quite liked it.

6. (centre) Tram card from Dijon – we bought this on the first day, unsure of how far away the centre of the city was from our hotel. It turned out to be a five minute walk, so that was a bit of a waste, but still – an experience.



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