London Design Festival 2014 | Trafalgar Square

19th Spetember

“A Place Called Home” in Trafalgar Square, by Jasper Morrison, PATTERNITY, Studioilse and Raw Edges.

Sponsored by Airbnb, four houses were created in Trafalgar Square, each artist or group having been asked to visualise a piece that they felt conveyed ‘home’. It was so interesting to see the different concepts that were put together by these people. Jasper Morrison created a shed, decked out minimalistically in bare wood for a pigeon watcher – because, as he said, who else who live in Trafalgar Square. Patternity created a dramatically and boldly patterned house, with a kaleidoscope in the side, which when turned took and displayed your mirrored photo on the side of the house. Studioilse’s house was open, with screens inside showing quick second-long videos showing ordinary everyday things that occur in your house – from running a tap to opening a door, next to a screen with a constantly updating twitter feed of people’s opinions about what home was to them. Lastly, Raw Edges created a house that constantly changed, due to walls on runners that were pushed around by two people, keeping the rooms sizes and functions in constant fluxtuation.

Really interesting little installation, though so many tourists who were wandering through the Square for the fountain or the National Gallery looked so confused!



Jasper Morrison, above and  below.

263_2999 263_3006


  Raw Edges, above and below.




 PATTERNITY, above and below.



Studioilse, above and below.




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