Mini Review | Ask Italian

19th September

On Friday night, after a really long week of doing a lot of things – just getting back from France and running around the Design Festival – a break was seriously in order. So a table was booked at Ask Italian and I had a really good time.

The atmosphere inside was actually really nice, and I loved the decor – especially the wine racks, which had lights in to make an awesome display on one whole wall of the restaurant.


263_3056 263_3050


Some pretty good Italian wine. I wish I could tell you more but the bottle label was literally completely in Italian and since I only know one sentence in Italian – ivolving asking for ice cream – I’m not much help here.


Fried ricotta and spinach balls with a sweet chilli dip – such a great little snacky starter.



Italian flatbread – make your own with rocket, heaps of fresh chili, tomatoes, olive oil and seared steak on a flatbread (mine was a rosemary and sea salt flatbread, but you don’t have to go that fancy). This was amazing, but had a serious kick of chili. A serious amount.



This is what it says it is, a mini review, so that’s it really. I had a great time, the service was pretty good and the setting was awesome. It was a perfect way to end a week.

I’m thinking of doing more of these mini reviews on all sorts of things, and in an attempt to connect with my readers, please leave a comment below is you have an ideas on what I could review.

P.s this post goes out at the same time that I found out that I’ve passed the 1000 view mark on this blog, so thank you to everyone who’s played a part in that – 1000 seemed like such a long way away and now we’ve passed it. Here’s to a another 1000 views?


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