London Design Festival 2014 | 100% Design

20th September

Finishing up the London Design Festival I went to 100% Design at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. This was another case of trying to go somewhere where I could see loads of things at the same time. I read about 100% Design in the LDF guide and thought that it would probably be good to see some stuff, and then maybe go somewhere else as well. Well, three hours later I was still walking around the exhibition with my mouth hanging open and a flat camera battery. The amount of exposure I got from a day in there has been unparalled anywhere.

100% Design is a massive display of design, split into the categories of interiors, bathrooms and kitchens, workspace (offices), eco builds, emerging designers and international designers. It is all in one huge space, and each designer has a set up displaying their pieces – some bigger than others. A highlight has to be the Foam Dome in the bathrooms bit, which was a massive dome that sprayed, well, foam down into the space below into a brand’s sinks and basins. Pretty cool. At first I wasn’t sure what exactly the protocol was for speaking with designers, because Saturday was the only day that it was open to the public – it’s otherwise for traders and press. I soon learnt that saying that I would studying design gave me brownie points and a million links to websites that I “had to check out” for inspiration and courses etc etc. I took a lot of photos (and the sky is blue), and I have really tried to make sure that this post doesn’t drag on and on, but you never know. Pictures definitely speak louder than words when it comes to design, so here we go:


263_3188 263_3067 263_3195

The first person I spoke to was from The Urbanite Home , which turned out to be a really good decision as he told me about Craft Central who had helped their company get into the design business – and happens to be a company dedicated to promoting and helping designers make it big.



Clockwise from top left:

1. Martin Doller – specialising in lighting, product and funiture design. Also, South African based so they had to be in here. They had, amongst other things, beautiful lights on display.

263_3091 263_3093

2. Bee 9 – What first drew my attention to these guys was the henna designs on the wood. I have a small henna tattoo business back home and I couldn’t believe it. I spoke one of the designers and he confirmed that it was just henna literally just put on wood, by his sister who is a henna artist. They’re quite a new business, based in Yorkshire and I really think that they could go places (speaking with all of my experience haha). Their furniture is really simple, but super multi-functional. The panels on this coffee table, like their other products, are all interchangeable – colourful, plain, with a ridge to hold an tablet or book, with a hole for a plant pot (pictured) or hennaed.

263_3127 263_3128

3. Bow and Arrow – had some great furniture,  I loved one of their couches – It was really simple, but looked so comfy.

4. Dam – Okay, this was one of the cutest brands there hands down. I don’t have any more pictures because the lighting was really bad in most of the interiors sectiom but here’s some of their clocks. Everything was around the same style and colour range.


5. Beeeen Company – this is a Korean company run by designer Been Kim, who I actually met at the stall. Her work was really interesting. These are some coasters of hers, which stack together as one pack but split into two thicker ones or four normal coasters, with individual designs that all fit together.



Clockwise from top left:

1. Jennifer Newman – Really nice indoor/outdoor tables.

2. Mica Gallery – This was a really interesting company who focus on Modern Islamic and cotemporary furniture design.


3. Beeeen Company again.

4. Bentu – I’ve actually heard of Bentu before, I think from Wallpaper magazines, and I really beyond loved their designs. They were mostly in concrete and were functional lights and storage blocks. Love.

263_3163 263_3164


Clockwise from top left:

1. Staron Art – (from Samsung) This was an awesome display, featuring furniture that was inspired by wildlife – the owl speakers in the postcard above, killer whale kitchen island, armidillo bath, hedgehog sofa, zebra table and whale kitchen counter.



2. Egg – another South African designer, with lampshades in circular designs that were  inspired by the hoops used by some African tribes to stretch their ears.

3. Wom Projekt – The Wom Dog is one of the cutest things that I saw at 100% Design. If I’m right the Wom Dog shape started as a form of street art with stickers  stuck up all over the place. Before long people were taking down the stickers to use for themseleves and people kept asking for more Wom Dog. This is something that I absolutely understand, who wanted want one of these?  The Wom Dog speaker is the first product produced by the company, and you can see more of the designs and sizes on their website. I was recently informed that the Wom Dog is actually at present not a speaker yet, but simply a item of decoration – I still think that it’s adorable. 



5. I can’t remember the name of this designer, and I’m really irriated that I can’t because she was so lovely. A recent graduate she had created the designs featured on the trays, tea towels, badges etc. with paint and then screen printed them. They looked so great and colourful.

6. Arckit – This is something that I need. As in NEED. It’s basically grown up lego, but it supposed to be for architects. You know those beautiful architects models that they produce painstakingly out of wood or cardboard? Well this removes that need – these are kits made from plastic that slots together and can be used to build real designs to scale – no glue required. I wanted one so badly I was trying to convince myself that I could always give it to my friend studying architecture and then I could borrow it sometimes? It was probably a good thing that I didn’t have any money on me at the time.

Okay, serious favourite display alert. I stumbled across this stall full of objects from Ooobject. I loved the whole idea after I’d seen about two things. Basically their products are all very green and made from various percentages of recycled goods. Some of them were actually quite ironic, like egg boxes made from egg shells, but some were just quite incredible. They had products made from recycled felt, coffee grounds, ash, compost, apple cores, bags made from 50% milk fibre, measuring spoons made from stone powder and so much more. It was just crazy to see what they’d done with rubbish. I particularly liked the pens that they had, in so many different colours and all made from different things – from beer lees, fish bones, almond shellls, mango pitts, sweetcorn husks, cuttlefish skeletons and cherry stones. Seriously go and check out their website to see all of their stuff. Link is above.

  263_3141 263_3144  263_3193

Not much left now, promise!


The Chinese design pavillion was amazing.





263_3099 263_3076

These chairs were everywhere – so weird, but so cool and suprisingly comfy!

And that was 100% Design! Well, to be honest that wasn’t even half of what I saw there. There was so much innovation – from wireless chargers for phones to a coffee machine that was controlled from your smart phone and could save your preferences about how much milk you liked. There was weird and wonderful design, wall art and just so much inspiration.


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