Interning 9 to 5, What a Way to Make a Living


So, in case the title wasn’t obvious enough, I’m interning at the moment, at a PR agency in London Bridge (not the actual bridge, the area around it). I’m actually really enjoying it, and as someone who considers remembering a password work, it is a big deal for me to say that I’m enjoying work.

I’ve done some work placements before, but they entailed me sitting in a chair next to someone’s desk and literally watching them do work and then occaisonally running to go and get the document that they printed. I didn’t even make coffee. That always felt like the biggest waste of time because work placements are for you to learn things that you can use later when you get a job – where all these were teaching me was how much day dreaming I could achieve in 6 hours. So a small part of me was resigned to sitting a corner being told what to do, and probably sorting out files for someone, so imagine what it was like when I was given my own desk, computer, password, phone extension and actual jobs to do. I’ve been there for a week already, and I finish on the 10th of October and I’m not counting down the days becasue they seem to have already flown by. It’s been such awesome experience so far, doing research for people, sending samples and sorting wine (something I seem to be becoming quite professional at – NB add to CV). I even got to visit the Vogue Fashion Big Night Out with one of the brands last week, which was pretty cool. I am one of those people who loves to do behind the scenes things, just because of knowing how things work.

I’m really enjoying it. The only painful thing is having to get up early for the first time in almost a year. Even when I was working at Brampton at the start of the year our early shifts were at about 9:30, and because I lived close enough I didn’t have to get up much earlier than that to get to work on time. I know that I’m lucky that it’s not South Africa where work and school start between 7:30 and 8, and I only have to be in London Bridge at 9 – the problem is that there is an hour long train ride in carriages so packed that I do sometimes worry that I won’t be able to get out at my station, which means I do still have to get up early. And I don’t really do “early”. I have always had the luck that for high school I lived close enough to walk to school – and hear the bell ring, I’m serious we were that close. This meant that when I was feeling particularly lazy I could get away with leaving the house literally 2 minutes before the bell rang (who I am kidding, this happened every day). Mornings are painful, unless you can wake up by yourself and lie in bed for the morning. I feel that Zooey Deschanel totally gets me.


(credit – which also happens to be a post about mornings sucking, so high five other blogger)

So this was basically just a little update on my life at present, which is actually going out during the event because most of my recent posts have been going up quite a while after the event has happened!


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