Shoreditch Street Art Tour | Platform 39 | Part Two

27 September

Part two! – These works are mainly the ones that I saw that weren’t talked about on the tour, so I don’t have much backstory for these guys – just some opinions, and some beautiful art. In case you didn’t see it, this tour is explained in my previous post which you find here if you don’t feel like scrolling down to find it. I still can’t believe some of these artworks exist, and even now when I was uploading these photos I couldn’t believe that I’d seen them in real life. They still seem like the sort of things that you see in photos on the internet (see what I did there, because you’re looking at them on the internet, haha I’m so funny). This tour really helped me gain a different perspective on graffiti, and whenever I walk past someone’s name scrawled in spraypaint, or a sticker on lamp post I wonder if I know the artist. Just knowing a few of their stories makes the things they paint mean something. It’s also one of those things that once you’ve seen one of something you start to see it everywhere – because ever since I spent the day looking at street art, I swear that London has twice as much street art as there was two weeks ago. I’m not complaining though.

263_3310 263_3316 263_3319 263_3321 263_3326 263_3339 263_3340

Even trees couldn’t escape the artists of Shoreditch.


Some political motivation.


A little comment on the fashion industry hidden away up a wall.



There really wasn’t anywhere that escaped the paint, every lampost had something on it – from spraypaint to stickers.

263_3318 263_3356 263_3366 263_3367 263_3374

I technically saw this Banksy artwork – it just happens to be very old and you could barely see it on the wall. It’s of the little girl wearing a gas mask. The original one looks like this. It still feels pretty cool to have ‘technically’ see a Banksy piece. You can’t really talk about street art and not mention Banksy, because everyone knows the name, even if they can’t link it to something or someone in particular. I watched a documentary on his work once, and I have just always loved it – however cliche it may be to love Banksy, I really do.

263_3376 263_3390 263_3394 263_3403

This was the last piece that we saw on the tour, and then the majority of pieces after this are ones that I saw on my walk back to the station. This is by Phelgm and it’s called The Rat Factory. His work is mostly in this style, featuring the same elogated figures. This was actually commisioned when the area was being worked on and improved. You can check out more of his work on his blog here.

263_3399 263_3404 263_3419 263_3417


This guy had great little comments about himself written in stickers like this one all over the place.

263_3424 263_3431

These weird faces were all over the place – bit weird really.

263_3436 263_3455

There was a fence of locks outside the station, like on the bridges in Venice and France, where couples had written their names on them and locked them onto the fence, supposedly their love only dies when the lock gives out – I think that’s the theory. It looks amazing when so many have built up in one place.

So that’s a small fraction of the art that I saw in Shoreditch. Thanks to Platform 39 who host those tours and to Mish, my tour guide who gave such an amazing tour. I can’t wait to go back to Shoreditch and see everything again – or in fact, not see everything again, because of the speed at which street art changes, by the time you see these pictures half of these artworks won’t exist anymore, but a hundred more will.


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  1. crayolaj74 says:

    Great pics!! I love street art. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Francesca says:

      Thanks 🙂 It’s always great to hear feedback xx


    1. Francesca says:

      Thanks so much xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. teach2edit says:

    I love all these pics.. Makes me jealous enough to go and book tickets 🙂


    1. Francesca says:

      Awesome! If you have the chance to go, or even to another one that’s similar I would so recommend it! Definitely worth every penny – I think I put the link for Platform 39 in the first post if you are interested 🙂 And thanks for the comment xx


  3. Jan Sleet says:

    looks fantastic – so much art in one place..not sure Stellenbosch would be so keen to have a walking tour if that sort of art appeared on the streets 😉


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