Emptying my Bag Out | Intern Edition


Continuing on my Emptying Out My Bag series, this is what I’ve been lugging around with me to London every day at my work placement, which ends today! I can’t believe that it’s been three whole weeks since I started there because it feels like I’ve only been there a couple of days. This is probably not that informative a post, I just thought I’d share with you what I have in my bag – because I’m really nosy and I always love other people’s ‘What’s In My Bag’ posts, so it stands to reason that other people love them too.

1. Oyster Card – I’ve mentioned this before, but Oyster cards are the saving grace of the Tube. Every time I see some poor fool trying to use a normal pay as you go ticket – which almost undoubtedly won’t work and hold up the queue of irritated commuters – I feel bad for them.

2. Tube Map – because I never knew when I would be sent out for a ‘quick errand’ that takes you to Oxford Street or somewhere and with all of the station closures and everything, this is as important as breathing. Speaking of station closures, the station that I’ve had to go through every day for the last few weeks – London Bridge – is a great station, except for the fact that for the last two weeks it’s been running on a one way system because they’re fixing an elevator somewhere. This is fine during the day when there’s no one in the station, but at rush hour (aka when I’m in the station) the entire station comes to a complete standstil and the entire station area before you go through the barriers is one heaving mass of people because they direct everyone taking every single train through 4 ticket barriers and one escalator. So that’s great by the way.

3. Phone + Headphones – ahhh, look my trusted CrapBerry who I actually love on the Tube because I can just plug myself into it and listen to music for the hour commute while I’m crushed up against a wall surrounded by people who don’t understand personal space (I really commuting, I do). Unfortunately my phone has decided to clear my memory card for me – again – so I now have no songs to listen to until I get a chance to download more. Aren’t BlackBerrys the best?

4. Pen – sort of self explanatory here, because you always need a pen. I actually have a notebook as well, but I think I left it at work when I took this photo. So, the pen is for writing with (I’m being so informative today – and my sarcasm is going into overdrive).

5. Tissues – These are some really cute tissues that my friends gave to me before I left (there were other things too, they didn’t just give me a pack of tissues) and I kinda love them because they’re in this little case that has a world map on it and I just like them? These are in there because my sinus’ have been flaring up this week – yay – so I’ve been trying not to sneeze over everyone in the office.

6. Hand Lotion + Lip Balm- My hand cream is from Winter in Venice and it is pomegranate scent, and it smells amazing. This isn’t really there for any reason other than it’s purpose – to make my hands smell nice and feel soft. My lipbalm is a shea butter one, which I’ve spoken about in a previous post, and it’s just a really nice lipbalm really. So another great one there!

7. Portable Charger – I have mentioned it before, and I’ll mention it again because this little portable charger saves my life almost every day. I charge it at work sometimes, it has a USB that goes straight into a computer and then has all sorts of adapters depending on what kind of appliance you want to charge. When my dad and I were in France I used it every day because I never got around to finding a way to plug my phone in in the hotels. Seriously invest in one of these – especially if your phone’s battery life isn’t too great.

8. Special K Cereal Bar – I should have called this post The Things That Save My Life because working in an office makes you hungry. I don’t know why exactly, but when I’m spending almost ten pounds a day just on the train I’m trying to spend as little other money as possible so taking some snacks from home helps a lot. Also, I discovered that Special K also do a Raspberry and Dark Chocolate bar, which is amazing.

9. Purse + contents – My purse is looking a little worse for the wear, but I have had it a couple of years, since I was out here last time (Primark anyone) but it’s quite a decent size and I have space for everything. As you can see I’ve managed to build up quite a good collection of oyster reciepts to claim, and I always keep an emergency 5 pounds in there just in case. It’s usually ten, but I think I had to top up my Oyster extra the other day, thus proving the point of always having some emergency cash. Also featured is my Costa Coffee card, which is slowly tallying up some points. I have to restrain myself here, because as I said I’m trying to save the cash, but there’s a Costa literally two metres from the office, and I just discovered that they make Gingerbread Lattes there that literally tastes like you’re drinking Christmas. So, if I do buy anything, it’s probably from Costa.

And that’s what I usually have in my bag! What’s not featured are the many crumpled reciepts and mint wrappers that line the bottom of the bag, but we can pretend that they’re not really there right?

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