Learning Curve

During my three weeks at a PR company, I learnt a lot – and I mean a lot. I got the opportunity to do some work for many companies in all different sectors and I learnt a lot about what goes on behind the scenes. I learnt that when someone asks your to mount some coverage in the Times that does not mean that you mount it on paper with a border – it means making it into a powerpoint. I learnt a lot about various drinks brands while I did research for them, how to set up social media for a month in advance, how to use powerpoint like pro – seriously 99% of everything that I did was on powerpoint – and I got to be with some awesome people while I’ll did it. I didn’t really know much about PR before I started there, but now I have a serious respect for people who do it on a daily basis because the work that goes into planning events, research, social media, speaking to journalists, sending out endless samples via couriers who keep you on hold for half an hour – this happened to me all the time, and I really swear that they just didn’t like me – It was even when every morning we sat down to read all of the papers to see if there was any relevant news that I saw how little I understood, because they saw things in the paper that I hadn’t even noticed. They just did such amazing work at generally creating the brands that they represent.

I did a lot of send outs and mass emails to bloggers for one of the beauty brands that the company works with, and it was interesting for me, as someone pretty new to blogging scene, to see how that side of things worked. It was crazy to see how many ‘big’ bloggers there are, even just within the beauty sector – it just shows you how accessible the internet is these days. What was a little surreal was emailing bloggers who I have read for ages – I had to really hold back from adding a little p.s omg I love your blog ur amazing wow at the end of the email.

Internship in numbers:

Things wrapped in bubblewrap:

  • 12 tiny sample bottles of alcohol
  • 3 bottles of champagne
  • 2 tiny espresso cups and saucers
  • 2 tins and 3 packets of coffee
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 table
  • 1 bottle of cognac
  • 1 billion other random samples that ended up on my desk

Brainstorms sat in: 4

Corners of a train crushed into: 27

Number of times listened to Fall Out Boy’s Centuries on the Tube: 89473567388893

Number of times my Oyster card was topped up: 14

Number of cups of coffee drank: Endless

Number of times I was asked if I wanted a cup of tea: Approximately every fifteen minutes

Number of times the kettle was boiled in the kitchen: INFINITE

Bags of Vietnamese Take Away Food carried in the rain: 3 (at the same time)

Stories in the paper that were not actually stories:

  • A woman who found an illegal immigrant in her front garden and gave him penquin chocolate bar.
  • “Studies Show That If You Crave Coffee It’s Because You’re Tired” – groundbreaking that one
  • A Celebrity Went To The Dentist – Why You Should Too
  • etc etc

So in conclusion, I have a lot of amazing experience to keep with me and to add to my CV – including bubblewrap pro. Invaluable life stuff. Big thanks to everyone who was so amazing.

Have you ever done an internship or workplacement? Let me know in the comments x


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  1. Jan Evans Sleet says:

    Am so pleased to know that, despite the huge growth in coffee drinking, the British workforce still runs on tea!

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