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It’s becoming winter. And I don’t say that in a dejected, droopy, “it’s winter” kind of way. I say that with one of those smiles that you can feel on the inside, because I love winter. It might be brightening up in South Africa, but here the trees are becoming orange and red, and the wind is icy cold and the mornings are dark, and I actually had to buy a winter coat because I didn’t own one, and it is amazing. I just freaking love winter.

So here are seven reasons (quite personal reasons) to look forward to the next few months:

Reason Number One: Winter clothes – I kind of absolutely one hundred love winter clothes. I love scarves, and beanies, and hoodies and layers and boots. I like winter colours – all the dark greens, and deep reds, and dark colours – and so the moment summer starts to fade I brings out those winter clothes.

I like the sweater must have Beach wear hipster vintage love you me girl couple fashion clothes like kiss hope cute stuff bows nails eyes makeup shoes heels jewerly lips hair blonde color diy lol shirt shorts famous curly winter summer camera dress great justin bieber headband long brown straight boots hippie in special place wonderful pretty pink wow cars skinny health beauty skin face fitness food good

wool, tartan scarf. Perfect autumn/winter accessory  

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Reason Number Two: Halloween – Halloween is in autumn/winter (in UK anyway), and it is the best holiday (bar Christmas) ever. I love the dressing up, and pumpkins, and halloween themed everything, and halloween chocolate. What is there not to like about Halloween?

Trick or Treat Free Chalkboard Printable | Ready for instant download!

Reason Number Three: Food – Speaking of Halloween candy, there is a whole run of winter food that just makes my day. I mean forget icecream, when you can get Spiced Pumpkin Lattes, Gingerbred Lattes (thank you Costa for changing my life), soups, hot chocolate with marshmellows, proper wintery foodI also love all the spicy fireside christmassy flavoured things that appear, like yesterday when I discovered Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea (there’s also a Salted Caramel one) – what else do you need from life?

Meet the latest additions to our Green Tea Range: Gingerbread Green Tea, Salted Caramel Green Tea and Caramelised Apple Green Tea.  Our delicious new sweet Green Teas are now available in Waitrose and Tesco stores across the UK.


ready for winter my fave season! It will be here before you know it just watch.

(link in picture)

Reason Number Four: Candles – A weird one maybe, but I love candles, and candles in the winter are perfect especially all the christmassy spicy ones (noticing a theme here?). Today I saw some of the Yankee candles in a shop and they have winter and Christmas scented ones (and Halloween actually) and I smelt the salted caramel one and almost ate it right then and there.

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Candle  -- one of my favorite scents!  NEW $20 off a $45 or more Yankee Candle purchase coupon! — Military Wives Saving

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Reason Number Five: Weather – I actually love the rain, and cold, because I love wrapping up in blankets and drinking hot chocolate and watching the rain. Also, there is snow in cold countries, and I mean this is snow we’re talking about – enough said.

beautiful frost...this girl has had it with this 90 degree weather!


Reason Number Six: Birthday – My birthday is in October (actually tomorrow) and I love the fact that’s in Autumn again, because it’s my favorite season, and my birthday in one place. Amazing.

Funfetti Cake Batter Cookie Dough Brownie Layer Cake--Jeremy for his birthday


Reason Number Seven: Christmas – This one doesn’t need explaining, or in contrast it need an entire post just for itself so that I can talk about how much I freaking love Christmas. I live for Christmas – I love seeing the lights in trees and on buildings, I love Christmas food, and Christmas jumpers and Christmas onesies and stockings and crackers and tinsel and family and literally everything else about Christmas. I feel like my obsession has been fuelled by the fact that my last eight Christmas days have been in South Africa, where it’s sunny and you can’t have fires, or wear wintery Christmas pajamas or jumpers, and you can’t have big Christmas dinners because it’s just way too hot. So I crave a cold Christmas *sigh*. Also, Doctor Who Christmas specials anyone?

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Christmas by wordwillow, $23.00


And thats some of things to look forward to this Autumn/Winter time. All of these pictures, and a whole lot more, are from my Autumn/Winter board on Pinterest – which you can find here. Let me know what you think about the colder months in the comments? x




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  1. Nice post huni I’d love to try the gingerbread tea


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