Hair Raising Adventures ft. Bleach London

So I have never done anything to my hair before – well nothing drastic, I do wash it, I promise. I’ve always wanted to do something, like dye it a crazy colour, or cut it into a weird style or something, but I’d never really had the courage to actually do anything before. Before that is until now. I saw the Bleach London range being advertised everywhere and they all had really good reviews. Then I saw that they were being released to Boots, so just before my birthday I gave myself a present and ordered some things. Then, after a long wait to finish an event where I had to look respectable, I have begun to experiment. I know, experiment never sounds very good, but so far that’s what it’s been.

I’ve been debating about what colour to go, but before I get there I knew I would have to bleach my hair so I thought that I would start with just getting that right before I try anything with colour. I got Bleach’s Total Bleach kit – which, along with the awesome packaging, has bleaching powder, developing powder, gloves, mixing bowl, brush and instructions. I found that it was a pretty cool little kit, especially for someone with no clue what they were doing.



 Last photo with original hair colour!


  How big are the hands that they base these gloves on? I mean seriously?

So, what I discovered was, firstly that I needed two kits because my hair’s quite long – resulting in a rushed train ride to Harrow to buy another kit – and also that the cute easy instructions are for people with normal straight hair. In the instructions I was told to paste on the bleach mixture and then flip that piece over to do the next piece. Have you ever tried ‘just flipping’ over a piece of curly hair? My hair is all matted and curled together, it does not do seperate strands – so that was interesting. It soon became a free for all.

So after the two bleach kits – and leaving it on my hair for a reallllly long time – my hair looked like this.



 I actually look pretty happy here – I was just excited to do something different – but I did discover that my hair doesn’t really bleach? The bottom half of my hair is still not as bleached as the top, so I have a weird reverse ombre effect at the moment. I really like it though, because I’ve wanted to do something drastic to my hair for so long, that this was kind of the coolest thing ever.


 And this is what it looks like today! It’s actually a bit lighter than it looks in the photograph – but that’s lighting for you.


 263_3598At the moment, to follow up, I’m using the Bleach Silver Shampoo and Conditioner  which are designed to take the brassiness and yellow out of bleached hair. Then….the future is sort of open. I’d really like to go colourful, and it’s a matter of deciding what colour to go! 

 Any thoughts on any of these colours?

long bangs • white • hair • side part • frosted • dyed • hairdo • hair • style • teen • fashion 40 Chicks With Cool Mint Dyed Hair photo Callina Marie's photos

 I think this is a great shade of pink because like its not too bright that it attracts heaps of attention but it's not to boring Beautiful pastel hair color

These are all from my Pinterest board Hair : 1.(source) 2.  (source) 3.(source) 4. (source)


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  1. Jan Evans Sleet says:

    Loving the lilac-ish colour – what about dip-dying the bottom half? And I think you’re seeing one John-Paul with Joolie on friday..leading London about asking him? Xx
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