Meeting South African’s, Statues and Platform 9 3/4

On Tuesday I took a trip up to London again, because I was itching for something to do. I decided to check out the British Museum and British Library – the Library because I’d read about an awesome gothic/halloween exhibition. Unfortunately this exhibition turned out costing some ridiculous amount to go into and I had to do one of those awkward “oh my goodness I forgot I had to pay for the train this morning, let me go draw some money” and then never go back moments. So anyway.

The nearest station was Kings Cross St Pancras (to be honest I always laugh at this name because the announcments on the tube so make it sound like it’s Kings Cross St Pancreas and that kills me), and since I’d always wanted to go to Kings Cross anyway – the Harry Potter nerd inside me – I was quite excited to finally see it.

263_3667 263_3664  263_3670 

The trees are all starting to change colour, and it is so beautiful. The weather on Tuesday was so weird – it looked really nice, with blue sky and sunshine, but in reality their was a really strong wind, and I mean gale force, and it was freezing.

After the failure of the Library I walked to British Museum, getting characteristically extremely lost, and grabbed a coffee on the way after finding a great little shopping square. Then, just as I worked out where I was going I was stopped by a guy in an Amenesty International shirt. Normally I hate being stopped by people in the street, but since I’m a member of Amnesty anyway, I felt it would be kind of rude not to at least tell him that. They were getting people to commit to an great cause actually – about abolishing laws in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisa that allow rapists to marry their teenage victims to escape prosecution. I’ve put the link here and everyone should get involved in this. It’s stupid that this is still happening. – and I had to tell him that I wasn’t going to be able to commit to the monthly payments at the moment, because of going back to South Africa. Then, get this, it turns out I was pulled over by a fellow Saffa, from Durban who has a brother studying at Stellenbosch University. It turned into a huge discussion about the differences between here and there, and the really really bad exchange rate. So that was pretty cool, and a shout out to Charlie from Amnesty International, you’re doing a great job.


The British Museum….



 It is so stunning inside.


The Easter Island Stature


Sometimes it pays not to do any planning or research about where you’re going, because I had completely forgotten that the Rosetta Stone was at the British Museum. It was a bit like going to see the Mona Lisa at the Louvre – you see more of the Stone through other people’s iPad screens than with your own eyes. It was pretty surreal to see it though.

263_3689 263_3690 263_3691 

The above and below statues are from the Parthanon in Greece, which I also didn’t know was at the Museum. I love Greek Mythology so it was quite amazing for me to see all of this.

263_3694 263_3699 

There was a lot of Egyptian stuff at the Museum, like a lot, and I didn’t get a lot of photos of any of it because of the immense crowds of school groups that filled the Egyptian rooms.

263_3717 263_3719 263_3724 

Saw this cute little street art piece on a phone box.


263_3727 263_3729 

Kings Cross! And….


Platform 9 and 3/4s!! There was a queue that went on for ages to get a photo by the platform, and I don’t even want to know how much the prices were for the photos so I had to sort of sneak around and take this photo. It felt like a pilgrimage for a Potter fan to make it to the actual Platform so it was awesome. There also turns out to be a Harry Potter shop literally next to this wall. It was rammed with tourists so I didn’t venture inside, but it looked amazing.

So that was my day on Tuesday, and a nice good picture filled post. I went up to London again on Wednesday, but that’s another post (tomorrow’s actually) so you’ll have to wait and see what I did then!



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