Science Museum, Glass Bridges and Bubbles

 On Wednesday I went up to London again, and took a look around the Science Museum. I always loved the museum when my sister and I used to go with my dad when we were little. It used to have the most amazing earthquake room, where they recreated the effects of an earthquake on a supermarket while you were in it – and now it’s gone! Very sad.

The variety of exhibitions was pretty awesome though the fact that I decided to go on the one day that about twenty school groups went, so as you can imagine it was so quiet there…haha. No.



There was a great exhibtion on time and the cosmos.


This gigantic ring was suspended across all the floors and had messages appearing it on from people’s comments of world issues – you could answer questions on a little screen and watch for your comment. This screen was on the energy floor, which had about 20 interactive games, which I got way too involved in. I turn into such a child with interactive exhibits and use all the touchscreen information points. Anyway, whatever that five year old says, I did not hog the ‘save the city from a powercut’ game. He’s a liar liar pants on fire! 


263_3742 263_3743 

This is called the Material House and it’s built up of hundreds of layers of different unique materials – everything from wood and metal to fake fur and gold leaf.


More intercactive games!


I found the plane gallery by accident – so cool. They had a cut through section of a British Airways 747 plane, which was pretty awesome.



Loads of medical exhibtions – couldn’t decide whether they were all creepy or interesting.


 The engine of a plane


 The space floor was so full of screaming kids that I couldn’t hear myself think – which was a shame because I love space and all the planets. So that was a case of walk in – turn around and walk straight out.


On my way out of the museum I saw this amazing sight. This guy – who is for some reason dressed as Sherlock Holmes (uhmm) – was creating insane amounts of bubbles for these kids. It was such a beautiful sight.


So there’s a couple of pictures from Wednesday that I wanted to share. On Friday I took a trip up to London to revisited the poppies at the Tower of London and to get Afternoon Tea – but that’s another story.



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