The Most Astonishing Hand Cream Ever? | Soap&Glory Mini Review


Okay I love Soap & Glory anyway, because they have the cutest packaging, and the best names for all their products – eg. Sexy Motherpucker lipgloss, who can say no? Secondly, I love them because they have the only liquid liner pen that I’ve ever been able to use without epically failing and smudging black all over my face. So they had brownie points already. I’d seen this handcream talked about all over the blogosphere and I never really took much notice because handcream isn’t really a big deal to me. But then I was at Boots trying to find something small to get change for the tickey machines that were only taking coins (wonderful when that happens) and I saw the little travelsize (50ml) version of Hand Food that was available for £2.50 and I thought – why the hell not.

My perceptions of handcream may have been altered – I actually really enjoy using this, and I keep it next to the computer so that when I’ve been typing and my hands get stiff I can use it. They describe the cream as non-greasy with shea butter, macademia oil and marshmellow – an ingredient you don’t always see listed! – and it really the nicest handcream I’ve ever used.

The most astonishing hand cream ever? Maybe!


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