Model For Murder – DS Nelson | Book Review*

I love murder mystery – whether it’s a book, a TV series or a movie, I love the suspense and the build up towards finding out exactly who the murderer is. Now, as a seasoned reader of murder mystery I consider myself pretty good at figuring out who the killer is before it’s revealed to us, so I do always love books where you just don’t know until the very end who killed who and why.

This is one of those books.


Model For Murder is written by D S Nelson, and it’s the third in the Blake Hetherington mystery series. Now I haven’t read the first two, but it’s one of those great series where you can start anywhere and pick up what’s going on. The story is set a small, sleepy village where everyone knows everyone else’s business – that is, until one of their own is murdered. The main character is Blake Hetherington, a milliner, who tries very hard to listen to his daughter’s warning to stay away from the murder investigation, though as hard as he tries he is drawn into the mystery. Blake and his archaeologist friend Delilah Delibes, keep finding themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, as the initial murderer investigation turns into a hunt for a serial killer – with the only evidence leading them to stories of voodoo and the missing figures from the town’s model village.

It is a really interesting read, and the detail that DS Nelson goes into on topics ranging from hat making to voodoo myth. The story was fast paced, and well written. An interesting twist on the ameteur dectective had Blake as the older, widowed and retiring man with a sharp eye and the character development, especially for a sequel was amazing, and the twists and suspicions that arise in the story have you wondering who on earth actually did it. 

It was a really good read, and perfect for this time of year with Halloween just around the corner, and because I’d like to do some more regular book reviews I want to start a method of rating them all against one another I would give model for murder a 7/10 !

Model For Murder is available on Amazon here and you can read more about it on D S Nelson’s website here.


The Author


D S Nelson lives in the South Downs, UK and was introduced to murder by Agatha Cristie at a young age. She has a passion for the crime genre, and writes everything from cosy crime novels, novelettes and short stories and at the moment is focussing on the Blake Hetherington mystery series – releasing her books on Kindle (Model for Murder is due to be released on paperback in November this year). Her influences include, Agatha Christie, Josephine Tey, Arthur Conan Doyle, Simon Brett, Peter Robinson and Terry Pratchett’s, Vimes. You can find more information on her website here.



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