My Aunt and Uncle do Halloween in a big way. In my opinion, it’s the only way to do Halloween – because it’s the one night of the year where you can go crazy and dress up in outrageous costumes and no one really looks twice.

I got to go to the ‘Nightmare on Great Elms Road’ on Halloween, and go trick or treating with my little cousin – which I was ridculously excited for, because South African’s don’t do Halloween in a big way at all. I was a witch, in a very slapdash costume and my little cousin, whose costume evolved over the evening as he added weapons and masks to it, was a gorilla skeleton pirate with a scythe and a lightsabre – because why not? I had so much fun, and being around this amazing scene was so incredible, and it really got you into the mood for the night!

Note about the photos: I hate using flash in photos but without it, my camera wasn’t picking up anything at all.


The front garden graveyard…with skeletons and cobwebs and smoke. The coffin on the left banged and rattles when people walk past as if there is something in it – really creeped me out!


There were two motion detector Medusa heads on the pillars, which lit up and hissed at you, with all the snakes moving around.



This witch was lifesize and really creeped me out! The eyes light up and she stirs the caledron, which had bubbling sound effects, lights and smoke. Those hands were weirdly lifelike…

263_4067  263_4070 

Having Chuckie looking down at you from the window was certainly not creepy at all…


The pumpkins, other than the sheer number of them, were amazing. The three big ones had projected faces on them that sang and told ghost stories – definitely a favorite with everyone.

263_4079 263_4064 

It’s an amazing effort for only a couple of nights, almost everything that you can see is handmade – they even have a Facebook page which has ever more picture which you can find here – and I just thought that I’d share some photos of it. Halloween is my favorite holiday, probably because it falls so close to my birthday, and I had so much fun this year, getting to actually celebrate it!

What did you do for Halloween?

p.s I made a Halloween board on Pinterest with all my favorite DIY ideas and costumes, which you can find here


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  1. vikki box says:

    Loving your sales pitch thank you and glad you had fun…..we certainly did xxx


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