Urban Food Festival | Shoreditch

On Saturday I stopped off at the Urban Food Festival, which is a night food market that takes place every week. This week it was in Shoreditch and had a Halloween theme, and since I love Halloween and food, and Shoreditch this seemed like a pretty perfect combination.

There wasn’t much light, so my pictures are pretty rubbish, so sorry in advance. When you arrived in the Shoreditch carpark, it was sort a mess of smells and people and the sound of food cooking – and I mean mess in the best possible way. At first I just wandered around to see what was on offer, and it was more a case of what was not on offer. This is not your standard food market with some wraps here and some burgers there – the variety of food choice and the diversity of food orgin was pretty huge.



  I stopped off at the Cocktail Bar (big surprise) and like most of the other stalls, its menu had been Halloween-ified. I had the Ghouls Mystery which was Blackberries, Hibiscus, Lime and Barcadi rum which was incredible! Their prices were also really good for the expensive market prices at £6 for a single.

263_4109 263_4092

263_4099 263_4100 

I got some food at a stall called Chia, no photo’s because it was so dark. They were serving two option flatbread or salad box, with a choice of three fillings and sauces etc. I had the Chicken and Haloumi salad box (£6), with baby spinach leaves, avocado, (a peanut and kale mix that I left out because I can’t eat nuts), red slaw, toasted seeds and a garlic aioli. It was all made up fresh right in front of you, and it tasted absolutely amazing.

263_4111 263_4114 


 The market was great, but with an hour train ride back to Pinner I had to leave, though I did stop on the way into the station at the Box Mall that has been created there (basically a whole load of shipping containers turned into a boutique mall – pretty cool) and got some bubble tea from Milk Tea and Pearl. I love bubble tea, more than anything and the moment I see a sign for it I have to get some. This was probably the nicest one I’ve had, with a Rose Peach Sencha tea and Strawberry pearls.


So that was a very foodie night for me, and I think I might have to track down the Urban Food Fest again before I leave.


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