Christmas Gift Guide #1 | Tiger

I always like to try and find gifts for people that are a little bit different or something that will actually mean something to them. Christmas is always a different time to buy presents because you don’t want something gimmicky, but you also don’t just want something boring or standard that you can give to everyone – like that candle that you keep multiples of to give out to awkward people who are impossible to buy for. Being over here gives me a slight advantage this year because I am almost definitely going to find things that you can’t get in SA. I’ve been looking all over the place, and I’ve found some cute Christmassy things and gift ideas, so I thought that I would start a series of interesting places to look for different gifts.

I found Tiger in Harrow, and it had only just opened when I got here, though there are several other stores in the UK. It is originally a Danish store, and it sort of reminds me of IKEA in places, but it has the most amazing things for ridiculously cheap prices. They also update their stock weekly so there’s always new things in there. The prices make it very easy to lose some self control.

Tiger has just brought in all of their Christmas stuff, which I have fallen in love with – particularly their vintage christmas section.

 I mean, who couldn’t?


I also put together a couple of cute things that I found on their website that would make some great little stocking fillers or fun presents. They have a huge selection of tins and storage boxes which can be really nice for giving presents in – no wrapping paper needed, and I had to include the nutcracker, because it’s Christmas!



Have you been t0 a Tiger store before? And do you have any ideas about Christmas presents yet, or is it still too early to think about yet?


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  1. Grace says:

    This is such a great post, I found Tiger a little while back when I was visiting my brother in Luton and I instantly feel in love. They have such a good stuff especially for little stocking fillers! I honestly came close to cardiac arrest when I found their arts and crafts section.
    It is such a shame that the closest one to me is Derby, which is two hours away.
    It would be so handy if they had an online site!

    Other Infinities


    1. Francesca says:

      The arts and crafts section made me squeal like a five year old – it is so amazing! I also wish you could buy online, it would make my life so much easier – and also empty my bank account!


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