Christmas Gift Guide #3 | What I Always Wanted

  Are you starting to look for something to give that person you can never find anything for because they are impossible to buy for for Christmas? Me too. That’s why I’ve started to create this Christmas Gift Guide for unique gift ideas. Here’s number 3!

I came across What I Always Wanted through Grace from Other Infinities when she commented on my blog a few days ago. During my sort of stalking scrolling through her blog, which is really beautiful by the way and you should check her out, I saw a post where she talked about What I Always Wanted, and now I’ve discovered why it has that name. The website is a online shop for gift and homeware items made purely by British designers. There’s a great range from jewellery and fashion to homeware and a giftware section. The prices are a little all over the place, depending on the designer, but you can find something for everyone and it will be a little different and unique. I put together a little selection of my favorite gift ideas for Christmas from the website:

For the tree:


For the newest addition:


For the stocking filler:


For the romantic:


For the unique jewellery wearer:



For the globetrotter:


For the home:


For the wall:


For the cheese lover:


As you can see there’s a massive variety of things, so you can go super Christmassy and cliche or very designer and quirky, depending on your taste. I am in love with this website, and I cannot tell you how long it took me to choose just these few pieces, becasue originally this post had about 30 items in it…!

The first two Christmas Gift Guide Collections can be found here: #1 TIGER, #2 Snapfish UK*

If you have any ideas about more places or themes for the gift guide, or you have any fool proof Christmas gifts, let me know in the comments, or tweet them to me @Francesca_Sleet


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