Greenwich For A Day


 Here’s something to read while I’m in Germany, a good old fashioned picture filled post:

Panarama Greenwich


 On Sunday, Rememberance Day, we went up to Greenwich. I’ve never been before (or I did when I was tiny and don’t remember, I don’t know), and frankly I kind of only knew about the Greenwich Meridian and the only reason I wanted to go was to stand on the line…but still. It turned out that Greenwich is actually really beautiful, and we spent the whole day there.

We had to get a train to Canary Wharf (another place I only knew because of one thing – that it was in Doctor Who that one time…) and then get the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) to Greewich. The DLR, which I hadn’t been on before (a day of firsts!), is a tiny trainline, with little tiny trains . Okay, they’re not that tiny, but compared to the Underground trains it feels like you’re in a rollercoaster car. I hadn’t realised that the Cutty Sark was in Greenwich – shows how much research I ever do – and it was absolutely beautiful. It helped that we managed to, by a complete chance, pick a really good day for it and the sun was shining. It was freezing though, I was so cold but I don’t think other people were – definitely haven’t acclimatised yet.



 263_4163 263_4166 263_4168 

This tunnel runs under the Thames river, it makes me feel claustrophobic just thinking about it.


263_4171 263_4174 SAM_1520 

We went around the Greenwich Observatory and saw loads of clocks and telescopes that the old Astronomer Royal’s used to figure out the sky and our tickets for that included free tickets to the Ships and Stars exhibition at the National Maritime Musuem (pictured above) and it explored how we found out about Longitude and Latitude and was actually pretty interesting. By the the time we had looked at both of these places, including walking up the hill to the Observatory and standing on the line, it was dark – which isn’t really suprising because with daylight savings time it’s dark literally at four in the afternoon – not cool. We decided that since we were in Greenwich we might as well walk into the actual village/town so we did! We found a cute little burger place called the Gormet Burger Kitchen and had some incredible burgers. The place has a really rustic but modern feel and the selection of burgers was amazing – I had, and would definitely recommend their veggie classic burger. The actual bean patty was so good, and their relish was incredible – and try their skinny fries, they are seriously to die for. They reminded me of the Gormet Boerie restaurant I went to in Cape Town before I left, which I talked about here.


Autumn is definitely here – the park around the Observatory and the National Maritime Museum were absolutely stunning.


 I did it! I stood on the line – one side of my body is in the Western Hemisphere and the other is in the Eastern Hemisphere!

SAM_1548 SAM_1550  SAM_1556

It was a beautiful day x


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