Christmas Gift Guide #4 | Student Edition

  Are you starting to look for something to give that person you can never find anything for because they are impossible to buy for for Christmas? Me too. That’s why I’ve started to create this Christmas Gift Guide for unique gift ideas. Here’s number 4!

Whether you’re starting university in January (like in SA) or going back (like in the UK), something new for your room at uni is always nice to have, and if you get it for Christmas it’s a bonus, because it didn’t cost you any of your nonexistant student money. I’ve been spending a bit (read the last two years) of time looking for stuff for my room at uni and if I had actually bought everything that I’d wanted I would need a whole house just for my things. I love to think about decorating my house and even though in reality, I won’t have one of those for quite some time, I can start with my room. Here are some of my favorite picks for presents for your fellow uni-goer, your older sister, brother or child leaving home (cough cough mum and dad) or just for yourself!

She Believed She Could So She Did, Pink Nursery Print, Printable art wall decor, Floral Nursery Art, Wall art Printable, Digital Quote Print  Central Perk Travel Mug Jane Foster Fox Mug I Woke Up Like This Mug Custom Sized 14" Laptop Sleeve 15.4" MacBook Pro Retina Display Case Cover Padded - Feathers   Kilim Backpack, Rucksack Backpack, Handcrafted Backpack, Kilim Purse, Unique Backpack, School Backpack  


1+2. A good print for your wall (1What I Always Wanted 2.Etsy), 3. cushions to match your room (What I Alwaysd Wantede), 4. a travel mug for on the way to class (yes that is a Friends Central Perk cup) (Urban Outfitters), 5+6. a good coffee/tea mug for sitting in front of your laptop with (both Urban Outfitters) (I’m also now slightly obsessed with Urban Outfitter’s mugs), 7. A Unique laptop or iPad case (Etsy), 8. A good hoodie – I was a little nerdy here (Etsy), 9. A bag big enough to cart all of your books and other stuff around, but that’s still cute (Also Etsy), 10. A candle that smells homely – this is currently my favorite smelling candle in the entire world (Yankee Candles), 11. photo frames for the memories to keep with you, and the new ones that you’ll make (Etsy – again).

I had way too much fun finding these things – as in hide your debit card so that you physically can’t buy it fun – and it’s probably my favorite Gift Guide Collection at the moment! The other collections that I have done so far can be found here: #1 TIGER, #2 Snapfish UK* &  #3 What I Always Wanted

If you have any ideas on what other collections I could do for my Gift Guide or you think you’ve found the perfect gift let me know in the comments, or tweet them to me at @Francesca_Sleet 


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